Meridiana Fly Flight Attendants Protest the Imposition of size in new Uniforms

Meridiana Fly hostesses have rebelled against the imposition by the Italian airline of uniforms carrying only size 40 and 42, and the new obligation not to gain weight.

The Italian media reported that the company's flight attendants have written a protest letter to the Aga Khan, billionaire spiritual leader of the Ismailis, who owns the airline through his Aga Khan Development Network, denouncing what they described as "gender discrimination and that the new uniforms offend the dignity of women. "

Maybe Meridian Fly Stewardess new uniform are something like this. Or this below:

Meridiana Fly stewardess new Uniform could be something like these? Cristina Ceolin, the designer at the centre of the controversy donated this uniform design to Alitalia a few years back

Fly Meridiana has subsidiaries in Africa including Air Uganda, Air Mali and Air Burkina.

A few days ago, the flight attendants received their new uniforms, which have been designed by ex-model Cristina Ceolin, wife of the CEO of Meridiana Fly Giuseppe Gentile, and found with surprise that they were exclusively of the size 40 and 42, and also with very short miniskirt with a large side opening.

According to Lucilla Vanzi, one of the flight attendants' union representatives, along with the new uniforms also came new rules of procedure which does not tolerate "the weight gains, unless they are justified for reasons of health, certified by a doctor."

The letter further explains that the average age of Meridiana flight attendants is 42 years and therefore the application of these regulations and these "miniuniforms" are something "unacceptable for ethical issues, the rights of workers and also by physical reasons. "

Flight attendants say the company has justified these new measures to "improve the attractiveness" of the airline flight attendants in the minds of the travelers.

The letter has more than 400 signatures, including those of fellow flight attendants who have joined in solidarity to protest.

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