South African Airways tackles Credit Card Fraud in its Voyager Centres

South African Airways has changed requirements when dealing with upgrade taxes and verification process in a bid to mitigate cases of credit card fraud at its Voyager Centre.

South African Airways call centres will no longer be required to request credit card authentication from clients in the form of a copy of the back and front of the card together with a copy of the customer’s identification document. The airline is currently also in the process of developing a systematic payment verification process to further ensure the prevention of any fraud incidents in the future.

South African Airways Voyager
In 2010 there were several instances of FlySAA agents experiencing issues of credit card fraud when using their clients’ cards for SAA Voyager upgrade taxes and verification processe. In recent weeks, issues of credit card fraud have resurfaced, with agents complaining that their clients had experienced credit card fraud shortly after the agent had sent through the client’s ID information and a completed form with all their personal details, including address and the back and front of the credit card.

According to the head of SAA Voyager, Manoj Papa, “We view these incidents in a very serious light and have initiated various investigations in this regard. We have a dedicated team of specialists reporting to our head of security focusing on such issues. Within the business unit, we have also set up a team of specialists to look into such cases from an operational level and to assist on all investigations, the review process and to implement necessary preventative measures,” 

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