Infographic: The evolution of online travel

 When many of us think of online travel agencies , we associate it with the automation and convenience online booking systems that allows us to plan thousands of miles of journeys from the convenience of our laptops.

We also imagine it as a relatively new phenomenon that emerged a few years ago, probably less than 5 years ago because that's when we started using them.

The truth is that automated booking systems have been with us since 1946 and American airlines, pioneers in commercial aviation, were also pioneers in developing the first electronic and automated booking systems.

The first Global Distribution System was built in 1976  in the UK.Today, GDS are at the centre of distribution of travel products be they flights, hotel bookings, car hire and other travel products. The first online travel website of note was Lonely Planet which was founded in 1995. The first online travel agency was definitely Expedia, founded ,in 1996 by Microsoft. These and much more rich facts are available in this well designed and informative infographic! Open the Infographic in a new tab for larger view:

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