Airline Photo of the Week

Gulfstream Crash in Bukavu Congo
Gulfstream IV crash in Bukavu

March 22:Velvet Sky:A New Budget Airline joins South Africa's hyper competitive aviation market
The inaugural flight is greeted by ceremonious water canon as it touches down at King Shaka International Airport.

The inaugural Velvet Sky flight touching down in Durban.

Chairman of Velvet Sky, Cecil Reddy, is all smiles after the success of the inaugural flight to Durban.

Velvet Sky’s cabin crew salute Durban s the first inaugural flight lands in the city.

Velvet Sky Logo

Nov1 2010:A LAM crew: poses:LAM Mozambique increased flights to Nairobi and Luanda this week

A LAM Flight Attendant inside a LAM Mozambique

October,11 2010:KQ Marketing Manager Tom Simba presents a model Aircraft to Dbanj and Ramsey Noah assisted by KQ CSA's

20,August,2010: RwandAir welcomes its new Boeing 737-500

July 12,2010:Dutch Soccer Team returning from South Africa escorted by 2 Dutch F-16s

March 23,2010 Kulula crew pose for a photo after a day

A session of humour on Kulula:"If you are caught smoking, you will be asked to leave the aircraft"

June 29,2010:Kenya Airways Chief Operating Officer Bram Stellar joins other representatives from SKYTEAM member airlines during the 10th anniversary of SKYTEAM in New York.

B767-33A TJ-CAC for Cameroon national carrier Cameroon Airlines Corporation

January name 1time, is a reflection of the South African soul of the company. In South Africa, the phrase "one time!" is a colloquialism meaning "for real!"

May 2008:a a Boeing 548 Test Flight over Seattle Washington for TAAG