Royal Air Maroc to launch Flights to Nairobi

According to information on Wolfgang Thome blog, a Kenyan delegation is visiting Morocco to facilitate direct flights to Kenya by Morocco's carrier Royal Air Maroc to Nairobi. The delegation is led by Kenyan tourism Minister and various stakeholders in Kenya's tourism industry.

In line with Kenya Airways' ambitious Pan African vision to connect every African city by 2013, the Kenyan carrier is expected to launch flights to Morocco in the next two years. Kenya Airways is also expected to launch flights to Tripoli and Tunis in Libya and Tunisia respectively in the next two years. A delegation from Casablanca is expected to visit Kenya in next month to finalize the agreements.

Morocco has had a vibrant aviation industry following its implementation of the Open Skies Policy with the EU in 2006. Hundreds of European airlines now fly to various destinations in Morocco bringing an estimated 10 million tourists.Facing fierce competition from the north, Moroccan carriers have been looking South for new routes and markets.

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