Sky Team launches Go Africa Pass

Global airline alliance SkyTeam has launched a new Go Africa Pass, providing cost savings and flexibility on flights operated by Kenya Airways within Africa. Kenya Airways flies to 45 destinations in 36 countries in Africa.

The pass is available to business and leisure travelers flying with any of SkyTeam’s 15 member airlines on an intercontinental round-trip to Africa or a Go Round the World ticket.

SkyTeam Go Africa Pass
 Customers purchasing a Go Africa Pass can opt from a minimum of three to a maximum of 16 flight coupons. Fares are calculated based on the number of miles flown non-stop, offering discounts of up to 75 per cent off standard fares, depending on the itinerary.

Coupons have no minimum stay, open-jaw itineraries are permitted and passengers can stop in each city multiple times. According to the SkyTeam alliance, this gives passengers complete flexibility to plan their trips. The Go Africa Pass is available for sale, for travel starting on or after March 1.

“With continued demand for travel to and within Africa, SkyTeam’s Go Africa Pass complements our already comprehensive network of flights from key global cities to major African destinations,” said Jerome d’Anglejan, SkyTeam’s director of sales. “The Go Africa Pass enables passengers to explore Africa’s full potential by increasing their travel options throughout the continent.”

Kenya Airways operates flights to Nairobi from Hong Kong and Guangzhou in the Greater China Region, as well as from cities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Other SkyTeam airlines with services to Africa include Air France, Alitalia, KLM and Delta Air Lines. Korean Air will start services to Nairobi in June. Future members Saudi Arabian Airlines and MEA also fly to Africa.

SkyTeam’s Go Africa Pass is one of a number of travel passes created by the alliance to offer flexible, economical travel to its global passengers. SkyTeam passes include Go Round the World, Go China, and Go Europe. Customers can contact their local SkyTeam airline, reservation center or travel agent for details and bookings.

The Go Africa Pass, market by Kenya Airways, must be issued in connection with a SkyTeam round trip, open jaw, or round-the-world ticket originating outside Africa with a destination in Africa. These tickets can include frequent-flyer reward tickets.

Reservations for all flights must be completed before departure. Fares per coupon are based on the distance flown. The infant fare is 10 per cent of the regular and for children aged 2 to 11, the child fare is 75 per cent  of the fare.

Travel must be completed within the validity of the intercontinental /round-the-world ticket. There is no limit on stop-overs. All bookings are in economy class.

Rebooking and revalidation is not permitted for the first flight. For subsequent flights, rebooking/ and revalidation is permitted free of charge. There is a no-show charge of US$50. Voluntary re-routing is permitted for a fee of US$50 plus any fare difference and no refund applies.

Other SkyTeam Passes include Go Asia, Go America, Go Europe, Go China, Go Italy, Go Mexico

Details of Sky Team Go Africa Pass

Discover the incredible diversity that Africa has to offer while enjoying complete flexibility in your travels.
Whether for business or pleasure, traveling in Africa will be an unforgettable experience. From spotting the 'Big 5' in the most magnificent wildlife parks, hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro, trying couscous in a Moroccan Kasbah, or enjoying a 'Braai' on a South African beach; the continent is waiting for you to discover its charm.
And one easy, economical ticket can get you there. The Go Africa Pass offers you a choice of 45 destinations throughout Africa, giving you plenty of choice when planning your itinerary.

Travel at Your Own Pace
To be eligible to purchase the SkyTeam Go Africa travel pass, all you need to do is buy an international ticket to Africa on any SkyTeam airline that services the continent. Another starting point can be the Round the World Pass, which you can purchase from any of SkyTeam’s 15 member airlines. Then, simply book your first flight within Africa on Kenya Airways at least 3 days before your international departure. SkyTeam Go Africa allows you to go at your own pace travel whenever you are ready for your next discovery.

Terms and Conditions 

Carrier: Marketed and operated by Kenya Airways.
Eligibility: Must be issued in connection with a SkyTeam round trip/open jaw/round-the-world ticket originating outside Africa with a destination in Africa, including frequent flyer reward tickets.
Number of coupons: min 3, max 16 coupons.
Reservation: Reservations for all flights must be completed before departure.
Ticketing: Ticketing time limit applies.
Fares: Fares per coupon are based on the distance flown.
Infants and children’s fares: Infant 10% of the fare, Child 2-11, 75% of the fare.
Maximum stay: Travel must be completed within the validity of the intercontinental /round-the-world ticket.
Stopovers: No limit. 
Class of service: Economy class.
Changes: 1st flight - Rebooking/revalidation not permitted. Subsequent flights: Rebooking/revalidation permitted free of charge, no show charge of USD50 applies. Voluntary rerouting permitted at USD50 plus any fare difference, no refund applies.
Baggage allowance: Rules of operating carrier apply.
Frequent Flyer: Terms and conditions of respective programs apply.

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