South Africa: Five ACSA employees fired over luggage theft

The Airports Company of South Africa(ACSA) has fired five employees in the last week over luggage theft at the OR Tambo International Airport.

The employees were caught red-handed after a recent security upgrade at the airport.
“ACSA is pulling out all the stops to combat luggage theft. Incidents of luggage theft and tampering have dropped by one third over the past two years,” Assistant general manager of airport operations Tebogo Mekgoe told media.

He said ACSA spent about R7.2 million a year on luggage security measures.
Luggage Tampered with at the airport
 Incidents of luggage tampering at the airport have declined from 18 out of 1000 passengers who departed in January 2010, to 10,4 out of 1000, a year later.

 Los Angeles and London Heathrow Airport are some of the worst airports in the world with highest incidents of luggage theft and tampering.

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  1. The good thing about this news is that the thieves were caught. The bad news is that they had a chance to do the crime.

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