Korean Air Insulted Not Just Kenyans But Africans

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Getting an invitation for an inaugural flight celebration is often something to be more than just a little happy about, as the access to the apron and the smell of jet fuel tends to bring out the best in me when writing about aviation developments. Months ago already when able to tell my readers about Korean Air planning to fly to Nairobi, I was almost excited about the prospect to fly over to Nairobi to see Korean Air touch down at JKIA but now I am no longer so sure that I will. The airline had launched the mother of all insults to us Africans when in a promotional clip the tried to entice travelers from Korea and connecting destinations to ‘Fly to Nairobi with Korean Air and enjoy grand African Savannah, Safari tour and indigenous people full of primitive energy’.

Translation error or Shameful Act?
I know from personal experience how easy it is to become a black sheep and be looked upon with both suspicion and pity for having made Africa my home, but here I am and ready to defend my turf alongside my fellow brethren and sisters I live amongst, interact with, visit and meet every day and no wonder my inboxes yesterday filled up fast when in particular Kenyans, but to no surprise East Africans and the rest of the continent’s contacts and sources I have voiced their opinions on this faux pas.

Whoever created this tag line, whoever is responsible for letting it slip through the inevitable reviews and edits and whoever within the airline and their advertising agency is responsible simply MUST BE SACKED for calling us primitive, as it is a reflection of how they view us and the racial prejudice this message brings to the forefront.

We might still need to develop, have challenges ahead of us which amount to Herculean tasks and are fighting climate change perpetrated on us by the developed world, including Korea by the way, but one thing we are not, and that is primitive. Africa can be proud of being a continent which has produced some of the finest poets, excels in arts and music, creates colourful fashion and is turning out professionals in demand around the world as expatriates, from pilots to engineers, from nurses to doctors in all fields of trade, commerce and industry.

The social media time lines are full of the insult and the reaction was as sharp as it was a few days ago when the embattled Spanish prime minister, in a private message, outed since then, to his finance minister, who was kowtowing before the European mega powers begging for a 100 billion Euro bailout, that ‘Spain is NOT Uganda’.

I am painfully aware of the many shortcomings we have, in Uganda in particular, Eastern Africa and the continent of Africa in general, but we walk with our heads held high, proud of what has been achieved in nearly 50 years of independence and aware of what still has to be accomplished in years ahead.
But still, to be so insulted, first by a Maskini, aka beggar wearing the robes of a prime minister and only days later by Korean Air, is a sign of only the tip of the iceberg of negative sentiments about Africa, of how the rest of the world eyes our mineral resources with great envy and greed but disrespects us as the people who own then.

While it is worth to mention that faced with a fire storm of biblical proportions from Kenya, Eastern Africa and much of the continent Korean Air moved swiftly to remove the offensive commercial message, we want to see heads roll too or else might think that the apologies now offered are neither genuine nor given under anything else but commercial duress, fearing that their flights will be shunned and they be deprived of loads.

What could have been a grand start of cooperation with Korean Air – they are Sky Team partners like Kenya Airways is – their start up now is sullied and stained. A regular source close to Kenya Airways, when asked overnight to comment, had this to say: ‘True, Korean is a Sky Team partner and those at Kenya Airways were looking forward to extend a partnership to have access to nonstop flights to Seoul and beyond with code shares and closer links. This advert however has created some real problems for them. Privately many of our colleagues are now looking at them, at their staff in particular, and wonder if that is how they see us. Are we some Stone Age dwellers in their eyes, maybe cannibals or barbarians? There is a great need to clear the air with more than a published apology to show Kenya that this is not symptomatic, generic of how they see us Africans and there is more to international relations than to seek exploit our mineral resources. In fact for some it is embarrassing now to be known as a partner through Sky Team but there is not one amongst our colleagues who would defend them but we all condemn that stupid portrayal of us being primitive. It also spoils the launch party of course and overshadows any celebrations of the inaugural flight because the word PRIMITIVE will be overshadowing it all.’

Barbs galore it is for Korean Air and only time will tell in fact if ever they get a review or mention here again – for sure not before they have done penance to the people of Africa they so insulted. We will not turn the other cheek and we will not be your friends until this mess is sorted out to the satisfaction of the continent and the people of Africa, yours’ truly included.

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Qatar Airways to Launch Mombasa and Maputo Flights

Qatar Airways is proceeding with its aggressive African Expansion with more flights planned for Maputo and Mombasa. Qatar's "African Adventure" will see it launch flights to Maputo on 3st October 2012 while the Mombasa flights will be launched on 15th August 2012.

Booming Mozambique is experiencing some economic boom and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its economic prospects is attracting businesses and professionals from Africa and throughout the world, an opportunity Qatar Airways is keen to tap into.
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Finding Great Accommodation in the Midlands Meander

There is a lot to see and experience if you are planning a meander in the Kwa Zulu Natal’s Midlands Meander which stretches from the little town of Pietermaritzburg to the Mooi River. The route was established as a rural retreat by various artists and craftsmen where they could focus on building their trades away from the hustle and bustle of Durban. Today the Midlands Meander provides a perfect route for experiencing nature, beautiful scenery, various arts and crafts and great accommodation. If you are looking for an accommodation in the Midlands Meander during your foray into the Berg in KZN, there are several factors that you will need to consider for the perfect Midlands experience.
The Midlands Meander is an 80km stretch of great landscapes and features and location should be an important factor when choosing you accommodation.  Some of the major landmarks along the Meander include the spectacular Drakensberg Mountains, the Mooi River, the Karkloof Valley, the Nkonkwane Stream, the Karkloof nature reserves and hundreds of other scenic natural and historic features. If you are looking for an accommodation in Midlands Meander close to any of these sites, then it is important to factor in the location of the establishment when making your bookings.

Luxury versus budget accommodation
A luxury accommodation in the Midlands Meander comes with all the trappings and comfort with great wine and food. You will be able to enjoy great sightseeing of the spectacular scenery and nature including the world famous Drakensberg Mountains, the historic Mooi River or the Karkloof Blue butterfly. Luxury accommodation will include great baths and showers, delectable three course meals, therapy massages, spas and much more.  You will also find plenty of budget accommodation in Midlands Meander where you can make huge savings and still enjoy relative comfort and spectacular scenery. Budget accommodation can include lodges, guest houses, private homes and farm houses. B&B budget accommodation also exist that offer sumptuous breakfasts.

Self Catering versus fully serviced accommodation
If you are considering an accommodation in Midlands Meander, you also have the option of choosing either self catering service or a fully serviced accommodation. Various establishments will offer either of these services exclusively or both giving you the flexibility to determine what you need. Self catering services will give you the freedom to engage in cooking your favorite food while on your holidays. On the other hand, you will be fully served like in a hotel atmosphere should you opt for fully catered accommodation. You can also find self catering accommodation in Midlands Meander that also offers meals. When booking your accommodation, it is important to carefully evaluate the kind of catering offered to ensure that your precise needs are met in your search for accommodation.

There are several other choices for accommodation in Midlands Meander that you can choose from including country houses, guest houses, hotels or farm houses where you can enjoy some choice cheese and great wine. Great options also exist for camping that are suited for backpackers.

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5 Tips to Consider when choosing the best Cape Town Holiday Apartment

The Mother City is the most popular holiday destination in South Africa, offering visitors a limitless availability of places to see and experience. From the Seal Island to the Table Mountains, Cape Town provides a comprehensive package of holiday treats to visitors. If you are planning to visit soon, one of the best ways to experience the magnificence of this city is by getting a Cape Town holiday apartment. Having such a home away from home provides you an opportunity to sample the best of Cape Town while living in a free and relaxing atmosphere that is not any different from your real home.  You must however do your homework in choosing the best accommodation for you, your family or your travel companions. The following factors must be put into consideration when looking for a great Cape Town holiday apartment.
Cape Town Holiday Apartment
Location will play an important role during your stay in Cape Town.  If you will be frequenting particularly sites in the Mother City in the duration of your holiday, then it is important to choose a Cape Town holiday apartment with close proximity to your favorite sites. Location should therefore feature at the top of your check lists when reviewing the various available options.

Type of apartment
It is important to choose the right type of Cape Town holiday apartment that will fit your holiday accommodation needs. You can have the choice of various types of apartments including from a simple one room apartment to duplex apartments. You may also choose based on the furnishings offered in each of the holiday apartments. For example, you have the option of going with light furnishing to fully furnished homes.  You may also look at factors such as whether the apartment offers a balcony, terraces, a patio or backyard garden.

Number of Occupants
Depending on your requirements and the number of people in your holiday plans, you can have the choice of one bedroom, two bedrooms to seven bedroom apartments. By searching on the internet, you can find a Cape Town holiday apartment that will accommodate everyone in your travel group.

Evaluate the services and amenities
The types of services offered the Cape Town holiday apartment is also something that you must consider. While some apartments offer full catering services, there is also the option of self catering. It is important to plan ahead whether you will need these during your holiday in Cape Town. Some apartments might offer additional amenities such as dog parks, swimming pools, tennis courts amongst others. Factoring these earlier on in your holiday plans will allow you to enjoy your stay in Cape Town with much convenience.

Budgetary Considerations
The last but not least factor that you need to consider is the rates offered in the market. Once you have identified the kind of Cape Town holiday apartment that you will need, you can begin searching and comparing rates amongst various providers.
Choosing a great holiday apartment will play a big part in making your Cape Town holiday not just memorable but also quite enjoyable.

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The options available for accommodation on South Coast KZN

Located a few kilometers from Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal, the South Coast is a 200km stretch of beaches that includes a range of natural features, towns, rivers and gorges, with lots of fun and things to experience. Some of the activities available for visitors here include abseiling, surfing, rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing amongst other attractions. It is no wonder that more and more tourists are converging here to experience the best that it has to offer.  Some of the options available for accommodation on South Coast KZN include B&B accommodation, guest houses, lodges, hotels, private homes, self catering services and camping facilities.

B&B Accommodation
B&B accommodation on South Coast KZN consists of an array of establishments with services that will meet every traveler’s needs. The South Coast offers countless B&B and accommodation that come kitted with several amenities including comfortable rooms, satellite TV, swimming pools, Wi-Fi and much more punctuated with very sumptuous breakfasts. You may opt for B&B accommodation overlooking the Indian Ocean or more intimate locations that offer privacy and peaceful ambiance. Additional services can be provided on request depending on the establishment. Some of the B&B in KZN also provide self catering services.

Guest Houses
The guest houses offer ideal places for accommodation on South Coast KZN for both business and pleasure. The types of guest houses will depend on your preference but you are likely to find many built in the form of mansions with full catering, self catering or both. They are located close to the major amenities and recreational centres in the South Coast. Some guest houses located on the outskirts might provide free transport services but it is important to verify this information when booking your accommodation.

Backpacker’s Lodges
Kwa Zulu Natal is a favorite amongst backpackers globally with tens of thousands converging on the country every year to experience its famed outdoors. As a result, there is lots of backpackers’ lodges accommodation on South Coast KZN available. Based on your preference, it is possible to find characterful lodges with single or double rooms for your accommodation needs. For the budget travelers, the dormitory style lodges are also available. Like the other accommodation amenities, they are located very close to the major amenities and recreational centres in KZN.

Private Homes
Private home accommodation on South Coast KZN is an exciting new trend to experience the local culture while enjoying the comfort of a home-like ambiance. Many of the private holiday homes in KZN are fully equipped with kitchens and also fully furnished. They are located close to major shopping malls and other recreational centres. Many of them are self catering and provide you an opportunity to sample the local foods while avoiding the bustle of the hotel environment.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose from an array of available accommodation on South Coast KZN. Several hotels, spas and resorts are available along the entire 200km stretch of the South Coast.

Camping services and accommodation on the South Coast KZN are some of the major attractions in the region. Several caravan parks and secure camping sites are available with many located close to major parks, reserves and other major landmarks in the area.

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South Africa: Places where you can find great Accommodation on the Garden Route

The Garden Route stretches from the Western Cape to the Storm’s River and is revered as a choice tourist destination for a family outing and sightseeing. This 200km stretch is a nature lovers’ paradise with lots of vegetation, rivers, spectacular beaches, mountains and lagoons. Its name is derived from the rich variety of vegetation that grows along the route.  Apart from its mild and beautiful weather, the Garden is also loved for the lots of outdoor activities that you can engage in including surfing, diving, whale watching, rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, biking, mountain biking, snorkeling and much more that will give you real sense of adventure. Some of the places where you can find great accommodation on the Garden Route include Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Calitzdorop, Mossel Bay, George, Herold’s Bay, Plettenberg Bay, StormsRiver, Victoria Bay amongst others.

The Garden Route South Africa
Knysna is one of the major resorts for someone looking for accommodation on the Garden Route. The small town is famous for its oysters and the Knysna lagoon and there are lots of activities that you can engage in here. Accommodation offered is varied including B&B for overnight stays, guest houses, log cabins, boutique hotels, luxury private homes, apartments and much more. You can also opt for fully catered or self catering Knysna accommodation depending on your travel arrangements.

Oudtshoorn is famous for its ostriches with over 400 ostrich farms located in its vicinity. You can enjoy the ostrich races and other activities including the hair rising crocodile cage diving. You can also undertake the highest bungee jumping experience in the world in this small town. For the adventure seeker, it provides one the most exciting places for an accommodation on the Garden Route. Some of the options available include B&B accommodation, Guest houses, lodges, private homes and hotels. Boutique and self catering services are also available.

Mossel Bay
This old coastal village paradise is a must visit if you are looking for a mild coastal holiday destination and accommodation on the Garden Route. It’s popular for its water sports and with an array of accommodation including B&B, guest houses, private homes, hotels. Many of the Mossel Bay accommodation establishments offer both self catering and fully catered services.

Plettenberg Bay
Plettenberg Bay is a popular destination for those looking for accommodation on the Garden Route and is one the main seaside towns on the Garden Route. Plettenberg is known as one of the best resort towns in South Africa. If you are looking for some of the finest accommodation facilities along the Garden Route, Plettenberg provides a great variety of choice luxury hotels for travelers. You may also opt for more affordable accommodation based on your budget and requirements including on guest houses, private homes, B&B, and much more. Some of the adventures that you can partake of in this beautiful seaside resort include kayaking, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, rafting, canoeing and much more.

George is a beautiful small city located at the centre of the Garden Route with a big city feel thanks to its numerous amenities. If you would like an accommodation on the Garden Route with a city environment, then George is the place for you. It is one of the oldest towns in South Africa with mild Mediterranean weather and beautiful architecture.

There are many other sites where you can have great accommodation on the Garden Route based on your budget and needs. Making a few inquiries before booking ensures you get what you are looking for to enjoy the best that this scenic stretch of coastline has to offer.

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Swedish Woman Reimbursed for Sitting Next to a Corpse on Kenya Airways Flight

Kenya Airways has reimbursed a Swedish woman, Lena Pettersson, $1400 for sitting next to a dead man on a 10 hour flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi. A sick passenger boarded the Kenya Airways Flight and died a few hours later. Efforts to resuscitate the passenger had been fruitless and the passenger was left on the seat after he passed on.

Since the flight was full, the Swedish passenger had no option but to sit next to the dead man for the rest of the flight. She apparently complained to the airline shortly afterwards and got the refund.

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Sixt Car Rental Expands African Presence with New Offices in Abidjan

German car rental company Sixt has expanded its African footprint by opening a new branch in Abidjan. This comes hot on the heels after the unveiling of its Kenyan branch offices. Sixt offers quality car rental services to travelers throughout the world with a wide choice of vehicles to choose from together with highly competitive car hire pricing. Travelers can choose from economy cars to luxury super cars for the tour of the Ivorian capital.

With its Abidjan office, Sixt now has presence in 14African markets including Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Tunisia. In Cor d'Ivoire, Sixt has become the first major car rental company in Abidjan's International Airport offering consumers wider choices away from the uncertainty of taxi booking and the inflexibility and unreliability of the public transport system.

Sixt already has another branch in the Abidjan CBD and plans are underway to expand to the country's capital Yamoussoukro this year. Travelers flying on Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, EgyptAir and other Star Alliance Airline partners can also take advantage of Sixt's partnership with Miles and Points and earn extra FF Miles during their car rental in Abidjan.

6 Ways to enjoy an Extreme Adventure in South Africa

South Africa is relatively large country with over 3000km of coastline and thousands of inland natural features that will be a match for every thrill seekers’ wildest fantasies. Whether you are looking for a date with the sharks or overland tours in some of Africa’s most famous national parks and mountain ranges, there is so much on offer for an adventure seeker in South Africa that you cannot sample it all at a go. Planning is critical to getting the best of what South Africa has to offer. The various outdoors activities offered include water skiing, mountain climbing, nature walking, overland tours, mountain biking, kayaking, Bungee jumping plus hundreds more to experience. If you are looking for the adventure in South Africa, any of the following activities will definitely give you a good head start with experiences that range from the thrilling to dead scary:

An appointment with the Great White through shark cage diving
If you would like to test the patience of the ruthless Great White Shark or the other vicious relatives in the family that populate the Cape, then shark cage diving is definitely for you. You will SCUBA dive into the shark infested waters of the Atlantic, of course in a cage, and get the hair raising and adrenaline rush of coming face to face with these monsters of the seas. The beauty of this is that you do not need any diving experience to enjoy this adventure of lifetime. Shark cage diving is a popular adventure in South Africa for many thrill seekers.
Shark cage diving

Go Crocodile Diving in Oudtshoorn
Confront fear itself by diving into the crocodile infested waters in Oudtshoorn, Karoo. Crocodile diving, like Shark diving is another scary adventure in South Africa that is likely to test your nerves to the limits. Of course you will do this from the safety of your cage.

Crocodile Cage diving
Go Bungee Jumping
Once you are finished meeting with crocodiles in Oudtshoorn, how about scaring the life out of your body again by engaging in bungee jumping just a few minutes away? The Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa offers the world’s highest bungee jump with a height of 216m. If you are looking for a hair raising adventure in South Africa that will truly put your mind and daredevilry to test, then this is something that you should try.
Bungee Jumping in South Africa

Abseiling in the Table Mountains
Abseiling is simply descent down a steep incline using a rope as often done by rock climbers, and Table Mountain in South Africa provides the perfect setting for another a hair raising experience. Whether you are a professional in abseiling or a novice looking for an adventure in South Africa, this experience provides a real adrenaline rush. Novices will get help from professionals in their abseiling.

An appointment with the “Big Five”
The Kruger National Park is where your dreams and nightmares come true as you come up close with some of nature’s most majestic animals.  Kruger is one of the world’s best preserved parks and you can watch the nature’s killing machines at work hunting and eating their prey. It also has a great bird watching opportunity. If you are looking for a real wild adventure in South Africa, the Kruger experience is the stuff National Geographic is made of.

Several hiking expeditions are available in various locations of South Africa including on mountains, the various hiking trails and nature trails. Whether you are interested in forests, mountain ranges or river gorges, the rich natural features means you are in a hiker’s paradise if you are looking for an adventure in South Africa.

For more information on accommodation options when you are looking for an adventure in South Africa, visit www.where2stay-southafrica.com