SkyTrax World Airline Awards 2010:The Best Airlines in Africa

This years SkyTrax World Airline awards was concluded in Hamburg last week with Asiana Airlines scooping the Airline of the Year Award in a night that was dominated by Middle Eastern Airlines.One World was voted the best Airline Alliance with Star Alliance coming in second place.In Africa, South African Airways was voted the best Airline in Africa followed by Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius at third place!

South African Airways also scooped the Staff service Excellence Award followed by Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius in that order.Kulula,the "airline that does not take itself too seriously", was named the winner of the Best Low-Cost Airline Africa Award.More than 17.9 million air travellers from over 100 different nationalities took part in the 10 month survey, July 2009 to April 2010.

If you want quality flight in Africa,the choice is now clear!The three best airlines in Africa are South African Airways,Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius!

Ghana International Airlines "Still an Entity"

Ghana international airlines is still afloat despite circulating reports that the airline had folded its operations on Friday and called it a day!According to sources,the Ghana international Airlines staff were asked to go home for their own safety after angry passengers,some having been stranded for upto a week,started throwing stones at the airlines staff!

Ghana International Airlines is a victim of the Icelandic Volcanic eruption.The ashes of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano settled and in its wake lay a backlog of thousands of passengers that the airline has been unable to handle.Massive cancellations and chaos reigned at Ghana International Airlines and passengers who had booked tickets with the airline are deeply frustrated.

The situation is aggravated by the complete silence from the GIA Corporate Communications Department.There is no official communication from airline officials reassuring passengers or offering alternative means of travel.Is this incompetence or what?The website is down and passengers have nowhere to turn to.Some internet sources are reporting that the airline has folded up its operations including a major Kenyan daily.Some passengers have opted for other airlines and are asking for refunds.

 The airline offers the cheapest rates for passengers flying to UK(London Gatwick) and Germany(Dusseldorf) and should it go under,passengers must brace themselves for highers fares on KLM and Air France or Air Brussels. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will be the only remaining direct flights to Ghana.

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Hotel On the Plane:The Jumbo Hostel in Stockolm

 Now this could be a great way for those African Airlines that were blacklisted by the EU to make some good cash in these tough times.How about offering "passengers" first class service or a night in the plane but on the ground and in comfort?

The Jumbo Hostel  is the first ever hotel on a real Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet. It has been completely refurbished and adapted for its new purpose, with 25 rooms, including a luxury suite in the cockpit where there is even a bathroom with private shower and a panoramic view.

Its name is Liv, and it has a rather special site: the Boeing is at the entrance to Arlanda airport in Stockholm, in Sweden.It’s therefore perfect, not only for those who love flying and can have a coffee with a view of the runway through the windows, but also for those who are soon to be in the air. There are all the amenities that passengers need, from wireless Internet to restaurant service.

Price per day runs from 350 Swedish krona, or around US$ 50 per person. And anyone who wants to book a meeting can have a lounge for 8 guests, with seating from the first class lounge of 1976.

More Images on Hotel on the Plane 


Air Berlin To launch flights to Mombasa

Germany's second largest airline,Air Berlin is planning to launch a weekly long haul flight to Mombasa from the winter timetable onwards in the move that is likely to boost Kenyan tourism.Kenya is a popular destination for German tourists and Air Berlin is moving in to capitalize on the lucrative market.

Air Berlin operates a semi low cost network mainly to German and European cities and major holiday destinations in the Mediterranean,North Africa ,South East Asia and the Americas.A service to Kenya is definitely a nod for country's tourism industry.

The launch is seen as a way of connecting Berlin to the world from the Brandenburg International Airport,(Willy Brandt" Airport).The airline is also launching new long haul services to Dubai and Miami.

Airlines International Special Report on Southern African Aviation

 With the World Cup just around the corner,this month,IATA's flagship magazine has a detailed special report on Southern African aviation which is expected to bring in 350,000 passengers in South Africa for the World Cup.The report covers the following crucial areas :
  • Building for the Future
  • Keeping it Natural
  • Challenges
  • Improving Safety Oversight
  • The Spirit of Freedom
Enjoy the read:Special Report-Southern Africa

African Aviation not represented in Green Business Africa Summit

Green Business Africa summit and Expo
A green business summit commences in Nairobi from June 2 together with the Nairobi Green Week and there is a notable absence-African aviation!None of the African airlines and airports will be represented in this summit that will be Africa’s first flagship event to bring to the mainstream issues around sustainability in the business environment as well as green corporate social responsibility (CSR).One of the issues that will be discussed during this summit will be Sustainability Reporting,something African airlines should be hugely interested in.
                                        Green Business Africa Summit and Expo 2010

The Nairobi Green Week
The Nairobi Green week,a first for Kenya’s capital city and east Africa’s trade and business hub, will be a series of activities and events running during the week of the Green Business Africa Summit & Expo 2010
providing businesses local government and the private sector a great chance to showcase and communicate their green  ideas and initiatives.

This could have been a wonderful forum for African aviation to showcase its green initiatives and strategic plans in a bold way;Ethiopian Airlines for example launched an ambitious tree planting program in 2008 and other African airlines have some smaller green initiatives.Airlines could also have discussed their plans for meeting IATA's ambitious green goal!We all remember that IATA was quite hostile to COP15 but the association has nevertheless drawn up ambitious four pillar strategy that it expects to achieve in less then 5 decades from now.IATA's vision is achieving carbon neutral growth in the medium term and to build a plane that produces no emissions within 50 years!

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South African Airways Promotes Greener Flights with Organic Wines on Flights
First Green Airline in Africa:Ethiopian Airlines Flying Greener Program

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Second A380 in Africa: Lufthansa to use A380 to Johannesburg

South African aviation has more reason to celebrate this year as the second Airbus A380 operated by Lufthansa prepares to touch down at Johannesburg later this year.In February this year,Air France A380 wrote aviation history as the largest passenger aircraft in the world to land on African soil.

The great news leaked to South African trade and tourism officials by the Lufthansa office in South Africa and the flights will commence with soon-to-arrive fleet of A380s to Johannesburg on an initial three-times-a-week basis, when the four expected giant aircraft due for delivery have been received by Germany’s flag carrier.

A growing volume of cargo and passenger traffic to and from South Africa has prompted Lufthansa to choose JNB as their first – and for the time being surely ONLY – African A380 destination, after recently announcing the deployment of the new aircraft also to Tokyo and Beijing.Operations are set to begin from 25th October this year on the Frankfurt-Johannesburg route.
More than 76 million passengers fly with Lufthansa each year.

Kisumu Airport Upgrade Project On Schedule

The serene lakeside city of  Kisumu is about to have an international airport soon following upgrades undertaken by the Kenyan government.The extension of the Kisumu Airport runway and expansion of other facilities is going on according to plan. According to the airport manager, Mr Joseph Okumu, the project is halfway through and right on course.The project is expected to be complete by August.
Kenya Airports Authority is extending the length of the runway from the previous two kilometres to 3.3km. Initially, the runway was to be lengthened to 3km but this was revised to 3.3km.Kenyan aviation authorities are satisfied with the progress of the project and have confirmed that the extra 300m of the runway will be done, indicating that the Government is working out modalities of completing the added length.

Once the project is completed, the airport will handle Boeing 767s, Airbus 310 and 300, bigger aircraft which could previously not land or take off on the shorter runway. The apron area is also being enlarged and this, according to the airport manager, will allow cargo aircraft to land in Kisumu.

Aware that the runway is being extended, some investors are making enquiries about setting up operations at th improved facility. One of the companies, One Jet One, wants to start operating an Airbus 320 in August this year.Some charter flight companies have also expressed an interest in operating from the airport. This is apart from normal concessions like setting up hangars and godowns,according to Kenyan aviation authorities.
             A model of how the Kisumu Airport will look like when completed later this year.

There is a firm that wants to start an aviation training school and a flying school. Other firms have expressed interest in starting ground handling business at the airport. Yet others want to build a five-star hotel at the airport. Thomsons Airways, the third largest airline operator by passenger traffic in the UK, has also enquired about the possibility of operating a Boeing 757 aircraft the lakeside airport.

Situated in the hub of the East African community,Kisumu Airport is expected to become a major aviation hub in the near future,interconnecting the various cities around the lake.

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New Rwandair CEO named

The chairman of the board of directors Mr. John Mirenge stepped down from the twin position of CEO of the company earlier this week, when German national Rene Janata was introduced as the new chief executive of the Rwandan national airline.

                                                           Rene Janata,Rwandair CEO

Mr. Janata comes from German flag carrier Lufthansa, underscoring the already close cooperation between Lufthansa and RwandAir as expressed in the purchase of two CRJ200 aircraft last year, which also came with maintenance support.

The new appointment is intriguing as RwandAir already operates a codeshare with Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines on the Brussels to Kigali route, and Lufthansa is presently the largest shareholder in SN with the option next year to substantially expand ownership and eventually purchase SN in full. Lufthansa is already flying under code share with Brussels Airlines to neighbouring Entebbe, and it is, according to information at hand, only a matter of time now before the LH code will also be placed on the SN flights routing through Kigali.

Further options for cooperation now abound, as WB has for long sought a sound partner to become a core investor in RwandAir, and with the "German Connection" now all but obvious, the coming months and weeks will make interesting observations and watching.

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South African Airways and JetBlue Airways in a Partnership

If there is an African Airline that has positioned itself to reap maximum benefit from this year’s World Cup, it is the host airline, South African Airways. The airline has 20 domestic destinations and 25 destinations across Africa; a Skywards airline partner with Emirates(The Official Airline of World Cup 2010) and two domestic budget subsidiaries .Plus it’s sitting pretty in the prestigious Star Alliance! And now, just in time for the World Cup, SAA has a new scoop!

The airline, “Africa’s Most Awarded Airline” and New York’s hometown airline, JetBlue Airways have signed an Interline Agreement Effective May 12 .Travellers will be able to purchase flights between all JetBlue destinations and 40 SAA cities in Southern Africa via New York’s JFK Airport hence providing new and convenient connection options for both SAA and JetBlue Customers wishing to travel between US and Southern Africa. JFK Airport is a key gateway for SAA and is also a base of operations for JetBlue Airways where it is the largest domestic airline.

 Image Courtsey JetBlue Flickr

Effective May 12, customers will be able to purchase a single itinerary for travel on flights of both carriers in one simple transaction hence giving a smooth travel experience, increased convenience for travellers on both sides of the Atlantic allowing customers to travel on a single e-ticket and through check in. This is something travellers between the US and African cities like Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, Addis Ababa dream of!

“There are lots of travellers flying to South Africa and Southern Africa that originate in many of the cities that JetBlue currently serves. We have had numerous requests from our customers expressing an interest in being able to easily connect to SAA’s flights at JFK.It was an easy decision to create a seamless travel experience with JetBlue. “Said Marc Cavaliere,SAA’s executive Vice President  for North America.
SAA, through its corporate division also has a round the clock domestic flight schedule that will make it easier for fans to fly to and from different South African cities in between matches.
 Image courtesy

African travellers and aviation enthusiasts have most likely heard of JetBlue and its innovative set of services! Jetblue is ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Amongst low cost airlines in North America” by JD Power and Associates;This is also the “Twitter Airline” that revolutionized the use of Twitter, employing the microblogging site as a sales and customer service tool with great wit and dedication! I hope SAA, who still use ancient Egyptian digital marketing strategies will learn few lessons from their new American friend and embrace the new media to interact with their clients during the World Cup excitement! .

Which is the Biggest Airline in Africa?

First there was the British Airways-Iberia merger that formed the third biggest airline in the World flying 62 million passengers to 205 destinations with a fleet of 419 but then, the crowning glory of all airline deals, the United-Continental merger came along that will see the emergence of the world’s largest airline flying to 370 destinations with 10 hubs worldwide, with a workforce of 90,000 and flying over 163 million passengers every year(In 2009 United Airlines flew 101 million pax and Continental Airlines flew over 62 million pax)!

I was tweeting a few weeks ago when a user asked me a ‘simple’ question: Which is the biggest airline in Africa? Ever wondered?So how do you measure how big an airline is? Do we use the number of routes? Number of scheduled passengers flown? Scheduled passenger miles? Size of fleet? Number of Staff? Amount of Revenues? Or size of planes?

A week ago, I was trying to determine the safest airlines in Africa and it took me two days analyzing accidents and fatalities data from 1995 (which have no relationship with the probability that the airline will have an accident in the near future hence unsafe); then adding a qualitative measure of IATA’s IOSA Certification to come up with the famous list; there is no consensus in the aviation industry about what really constitutes safety data. 

So what about size? All the listed methods can be used, albeit in variations, except of course plane size, and number of staff! We can also use revenue to determine the richest airline! Journalists are always quick to point out the “largest airline” or “one of the largest airlines” without telling their readers what makes the airline big! Since for an airline, air travel is a matter of taking as many passengers as possible to as many destinations as possible, a common measure of the size of an airline is by looking at the number of routes serviced and number of scheduled passengers flown for a particular year. These will in turn influence size of fleet, amount of revenue, size of staff almost in a proportional way.

Looking at European and American carriers, African “giants” like South African Airways, Kenya Airways, TAAG Angola, TunisAir, Ethiopian Airlines and Egypt Air look like tiny dwarfs! But this should not surprise us given that Africa accounts for a “paltry” 3% of global passenger traffic. Aviation in Africa has always been described as a jungle of lions and antelopes. So who amongst these is the Lion of the Jungle?
 Biggest Airlines in Africa Based On 2009 Passenger Numbers

1. South African Airways: “The Gateway to Africa”! Africa’s former ‘pariah’ airline carried 9.85 million     passengers in 2009 to 81 destinations.(includes low cost subsidiaries)
2. Egypt Air:”InshaAllah Airlines”(If God Wills Airlines) carried 8.2 million passengers in 2009 to 76 destinations.
3. Air Algerie:Algeria’s national airline carried 7.72 million passengers to 68 destinations.
4. TunisAir:Tunisia’s national airline carried 3.78 million passengers to 53 destinations
5. Ethiopian Airlines:” The New Spirit of Africa”, ambitious and impatiently waiting for it first African Dreamliner carried 2.8 million passengers to 54 destinations.
6. Kenya Airways:”The Pride of Africa” carried 2.6 millon passengers to 47 destinations.
7. Atlas Blue: Morocco’s budget airline carried 1.6 million passengers to 25 destinations.
8.Air Mauritius: Carried 1.2 million passengers to 26 detinations.
9. TAAG Angola:Carried 1,000,000 passengers in 2009 to 33 destinations.
10.Libyan Airlines: Carried 890,000 passengers to 27 destinations.
Biggest Airlines in Africa Based on Current Number of Destinations

1. South African Airways
2. Egypt Air
3. Air Algerie
4. Ethiopian Airlines
5. TunisAir     
6. Kenya Airways
7. TAAG Angola
8. Libyan Airlines
9. Air Mauritius
10. Atlas Blue 
 Biggest Airlines in Africa Based on Size of Fleet (Excl pending orders)

1. South African Airways
2. Egypt Air
3. Air Algerie
4. Ethiopian Airlines
5. TunisAir
6. Kenya Airways
7. Air Mauritius
8. TAAG Angola
9. Atlas Blue
10. Libyan Airline 
We can use several other methods such as passenger miles, passenger kilometres ,number of scheduled international passenger numbers and the trend will be the same but then, we will have to write a book!

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Kenya Airways to Launch Flights To Juba

Better late than never!Kenya Airways will finally launch daily flights to Juba from 10th June this year!Juba is emerging as one of the more lucrative routes in the East African region and KQ had delayed the launch allowing Air Uganda and Ethiopian Airlines to dominate the lucrative route.

The Juba route will be Kenya Airways' 48th route and will be serviced by an Embraer E170 and the schedules will be as follows:

KQ350 NBO0800 – 0940JUB E70 D
KQ351 JUB1030 – 1210NBO E70 D

Last year, South Sudan unveiled plans to spend heavily on expansion and modernisation to lure major airlines to Juba Airport. The government committed $30 million for the project. The three phase project will be completed by 2012 and will have the airport meet international standards. It is part of the programme by the South Sudan government to build infrastructure stalled by 20 years of civil war.

Several African and Middle Eastern carriers have shown an interest in flying to Juba in the near future.
Interest by international commercial airlines has grown tremendously as South Sudan consolidates the gains of peace and embarks on the long and difficult road of building the new nation. Juba is also becoming a commercial hub as businessmen from East Africa rush in the post conflict boom to supply goods and services, including major Kenyan businesses!
The move remedies the edge the absence of the Kenyan Carrier gave to regional competitors.The route is also serviced by Kenya's JetLink Express.

Kenya Airways adds frills for business class travelers

It is now three pieces of baggage, weighing 23 KG each, which Kenya Airways allows their business class travelers to take with them when checking in for flights from East Africa for onward flights into their European network, moving to the same standard already in place with some other carriers, some of which also added perks to their faithful flyers in order to retain their top revenue bracket.

A number of airlines flying to Entebbe already grant larger allowances in terms of overall weight, while again others restrict the weight per piece to their standard 23 kilograms and then rather add an extra checked suitcase.
The use of customer loyalty schemes – Kenya Airways some months ago added a co-branded credit card for their faithful passengers, which earns them extra points – is also increasingly playing an important role as the "earn and burn" opportunities continue to grow and frequent fliers often manage to accumulate enough credits within a few months to enjoy a free weekend at the Kenya coast, for instance, with their families.

courtesy etn

The Flying Coffins of Africa are Quickly fading away

 The African Sky is perhaps the most enchanting sky to fly in.The skies are mostly clear and beneath the skies lie an enchanting beauty, an endless savannah, nature at its most elegant and great warmth that always awaits you when you land at the airports, with song and dance. But that is the dreamy, naive and Romantic view.So what is the reality? The reality is that the decades of corruption, mismanagement, poverty and war have coalesced into one of the most dangerous skies in the world.IATA estimates that there was one accident for every 244,000 flights in Africa in 2008. That was six times the global average of one accident for every 1.2 million flights and over eight times the IATA members' average of one accident for every 1.9 million flights . A whopping 111 African airlines are on the European Union blacklist; fleet modernization is still slow; most civil aviation authorities lack capacity to carry out competent oversight functions, infrastructure is still poor.

A TAAG Angolan Airlines flight that crashed in M'banza Congo, Angola in June 2007


If there is one thing that suffered during Africa’s “dark decades”, the first three decades of independence it is African aviation. For decades leading to and shortly after independence, aviation in Africa was under Western expatriate management or where the country was aligned to the East under Russian/Eastern bloc management. Air Zaire was mostly run by Belgian expats;Kenya Airways was for a long time under expat management, Nigerian Eagle Airlines(Virgin Nigeria) has been under expat management and so has Air Uganda. Where transition took place to indigenous management; it was less than seamless.Lack of preparedness. Lots of appointments to management were laced with political patronage, from civil aviation authorities to airline management. And in some cases a classic touch of buffoonery was added like in Air Zaire where dictator Mobutu used the airline’s two biggest aircraft for escapades, leaving passengers stranded for upto 48 hours!Mobutu even built an airport next to his palace!

Aircraft from the Eastern bloc were relatively cheap and were widely used in Africa to transport troops, cargo (minerals) and passengers but due to their poor safety records; they soon distinguished themselves as the flying coffins of Africa. Aircraft models such as Antonov, Ilyushin, Tupolev, LET410 UVP, the C208B Grand Caravan have caused numerous disasters in the African Sky.

One aircraft that truly deserves the “flying coffin” tag is the Antonov! In fact, the Antonov is more associated with Africa more than even the Ukraine where Oleg Antonov founded the aeronautical company 58 years ago.A friend on Twitter said that passengers on Egypt Air referred to the airline as “Insha’Allah Airlines” or “If God Wills Airlines”.Some airlines have even more 'glorious' names like "One Way ticket to hell"

The Antonov has been widely used in Angola, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone,Gabon and countless other hopeless African nations. The main advantage was that they were very cheap, available from the Eastern bloc and could be easily secured if you had great contacts from the East and with some well connected “dogs of war”. A war lord who controlled vast mines in the Congo could easily afford an Antonov to fly his troops on killing missions or get minerals from deep in the forest to Bukavu or Goma, for transit through Kenya to the port in Mombasa.They were very much a good cause for military casualties, sometimes outdoing the enemy fire! Governments short of cash to afford more reliable and expensive Western models and busy fighting insurgencies intent on overthrowing their greedy regimes also relied on the good old Antonov.

The Antonov is still very much in use in some parts of Africa; a great cause of headache for IATA and AFRAA who are horrified by its safety records! But there is a bright light at the of tunnel.One bright spot is that the criminal regimes that once ruled Africa have mostly given way to more democratic regimes, imperfect democracies, but democracies all the same. And with that comes the opportunity for more oversight, transparency, enforcement of aviation regulations and more funds available for infrastructure upgrades and expansion since there is less siphoning off of money by criminals.

Another good trend is the continued growth of Africa’s World Class airlines: South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways. They are some of the best managed companies in Africa, employ thousands and though they are still fully or partly owned by governments, their management and performance have defied lots of odds and stereotypes. And as Angola cements its position as Sub Saharan Africa’s new economic powerhouse, TAAG Angola will in the near future be one of Africa’s safe and best performing legacy carriers. There is also the continued growth of quality budget airlines like Fly540, Kulula, Mango Airlines, and SAA Express especially in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

The increased trend toward fleet modernization means ageing aircraft are quickly being discarded.AFRAA estimates that nearly a third of Africa wide fleet of over 750 aircraft are more than 20 years old; however, of the 480 strong fleet of AFRAA member airlines, only 6 are ex-Soviet! A death knell to the Antonovs!
IATA has also launched some ambitious safety initiatives in Africa to help African airlines improve safety and achieve IOSA Certification. As IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani once advised African aviation stakeholders, “being in the IOSA is a strong argument that you have met the highest standards in safety”. Other IATA initiatives include providing airlines with a free Flight Data Analysis tool for three years, building a safety culture and leadership with African Airlines; safety auditing leading to IOSA Certification, addressing skills shortage through operational training programs and working with African aviation authorities and governments on improving infrastructure.

African airlines are still some of the most unsafe in the world but there is lots of improvement and a culture of safety is slowly growing in major African carriers.

Which are the Safest Airlines in Africa?

How safe are African Airlines? When the EU blacklist came out, the African Airlines Association was up in arms. Nick Fadugba,AFRAA Secretary General described the ban as “undermining international confidence in African aviation “ making   European carriers the “ultimate beneficiaries” who will dominate the African skies to the disadvantage of African carriers!

With 111 carriers from 13 African countries banned, the list does indeed undermine African aviation; travellers will obviously consider flying major carriers like KLM/AF or Lufthansa at the expense of the ‘unsafe’ African carriers! The list was particularly ruthless with African airlines. So what criteria did the EU use to issue its unilateral verdict? It crystallises into 3 major points:
  •         Use of poorly maintained, obsolete aircraft(Criteria used to ban most African airlines with old soviet era fleet)
  •          Inability of airlines to rectify shortcomings identified during inspections by EU Air Safety Committee.
  •         Inability of a civil aviation authority responsible for overseeing an airline to perform its task properly(Criteria was used to ban all airlines from Sudan, Iran)
African airlines face safety challenges due to poor infrastructure; lack of capacity, poor oversight and policies and unhealthy finances that impede rapid fleet modernization.Also, according to David Learmount, Flight International Operations and Safety Editor, African airlines do not have the “luxury of a safety culture“ since less developed countries tend to have less emphasis on a strong safety culture in the airline operations!Africa aviation is often associated with the "Flying Coffins",old Soviet era Antonov aircraft with notorious safety records!
An Antonov 225

In spite of the challenges, several African airlines have earned IATA’s IOSA Certification, a global standard for airline safety management. We have compiled a list of top 10 safest African airlines based on
whether the airline is IOSA or ISAGO Certified(As IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani once advised African aviation stakeholders, “being in the IOSA is a strong argument that you have met the highest standards in safety”); number of serious incidents or accidents since 2000,no of deaths for every a hundred thousand departures.
  Here are our Top 10 safest Airlines in Africa:
            1.South African Airways
            2.Ethiopian Airlines
            3.Air Botswana
            4.Air Mauritius
            5.Air Seychelles
            6.Kenya Airways
            8.Royal Air Maroc
            9.Nigerian Eagle Airlines
            10.Air Zimbabwe 

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