Dropped from the Skies: African Airlines that went under in the last decade

Air Afrique
In 1961, the ever united former French colonies banded together to form Air Afrique. But the airline collapsed in debt and lost all of its aircraft by the time its 11 member states decided to put the carrier to bankruptcy in 2002. Several initiatives are currently underway to form new regional airlines in the Central and Western Africa.
Nigeria Airways
Nigeria Airways went under in 2003 under a mountain of debts. Here, employees protest the government's plan to liquidate the airline at Lagos Onikan Stadium in 2003. Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has described the
boards that ran Nigeria Airways as perennially corrupt.

Air Gabon

Air Gabon went bankrupt in 2006
Ghana Airways
Ghana Airways collapsed under debt and safety issues in 2004. This is a Ghana Airways coffin, which may be morbidly fitting. The airline's successor Ghana International Airlines ceased operations in 2010.

Cameroon Airlines
Cameroon Airlines, Camair went under in 2008 under financial difficulties and financial issues. The successor airline Camair-Co began operations in 2011.
 Air Senegal International
Air Senegal International ceased operations in 2009 after after 38 years in the sky. The successor airline Senegal Airlines took to the skies in 2011.

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