Indian Airlines staff not paid for two months!

Indian Airlines are seeing red!
Indian airlines have been faced by an unprecedented financial woes since last year and some have been unable to pay their staff since November last year! Some 18,000 staff of two major Indian airlines have not been paid since November 2011, according to  report from India's The Economic Times.
On Monday this week, Kingfisher Airlines delayed payments for the umpteenth time for its December salaries citing "large unanticipated payments" issued by their airline to creditors.  Employees of Jet Airways, India's largest private carrier, have not been paid their January salaries.
KIngfisher Airlines Crew: Working without pay

Kingfisher Airlines CEO Sanjay Aggarwal in an email to employees informed them of the new delays in the issue of salaries "We got hit by a couple of large unanticipated payments which had to be addressed on an emergency basis," Kingfisher last paid employees in November last year. About 180 Kingfisher pilots, out of the airline's 700, have written to the management warning that they may not report duty if their December salaries are not paid soon.

Stiff competition in the market, rising fuel costs and low fares means Indian Airlines have posted a loss of $1 billion in the current financial year. Boeing has urged the cash-strapped carriers to increase fares by 15% to break even but with the brutal competition on the Indian aviation market, this is not even an option!

But the Indian airlines crew still report to work, hoping for the best. Staff from African airlines are quite lucky that their airlines are churning out a profit, they get paid on time, and still demand more salary increases!

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