26 nations meet in Moscow next week to discuss ETS Retaliatory measures

 26 powerful nations dubbed the coalition of the unwilling amongst them China, India, the United States and Russia will meet in Moscow next week to look for a coordinated retaliation against the EU Emissions Trading System that went into force in January this year.

The EU introduced a unilateral measure to add aviation into its Emissions Trading System, a move that will force even foreign airlines landing or taking off in Europe to acquire permits corresponding to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the entire flight — regardless of where it originated or ended or the nationality of the airline.
Emissions Trading System: Time for some hard talk?

The measures have been vehemently opposed by China, US and Russia amongst other nations but Europe believes these countries are not their best friends when it comes environmental issues and has vowed not to back down(or to be intimidated into backing down) on the implementation of its ETS.

The countries will adopt a few hard measures to force Europe to back down. According to the New York Times, "Those countermeasures include following China’s lead in banning its airlines from paying the charges unless and until the Chinese government grants permission; imposing punitive levies on European airlines when they fly over other countries’ air space; reviewing bilateral and “open skies” agreements covering such things as landing rights and market access, and freezing consideration of any new routes or capacity, according to a draft discussion paper seen by the International Herald Tribune on Friday. 

In addition, the paper calls on governments to consider reopening trade agreements in sectors other than aviation and to freeze trade negotiations as a way of “putting pressure on E.U. industries.”
The meeting would “send a very strong signal to our E.U. friends that other countries are really angry and really preparing something strong,” said a Chinese diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

EU has said it would adapt its law if ICAO comes up with a  global solution. According to the EU Spokesperson for Climate Action Isaac Valero-Ladron: "A solution is clear: rather than asking for the suspension of the only functioning system that exists to address aviation's carbon emissions, we'd like to see the countries criticising the EU come forward with concrete suggestions, in the framework of ICAO, for an even better, global solution,"

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