Is this your Lost Luggage?

So how has fared on three years after the launch? Not quite good.  So far  the website, has only a few luggage photos for unclaimed baggage. The website was founded in 2009 by Luna Laboo as a hobby to help passengers trace their lost luggage.

The website features photographs of luggage by the photographer who purchases the luggage from auction houses selling unclaimed baggage and puts their images on the internet in an effort to find the real owners.
Is this your Luggage?

The venture/hobby started on a high note but soon fizzled out though it could be good business given that over one million luggage are lost every year for good with passengers being paid a small compensation fee. Most of these passengers will never see the luggage again but a third party luggage retrieval service could offer them a ray of hope.

Given that the luggage normally cost between $20-$100 at baggage auction houses this could be a profitable venture if only you could trace the luggage owner and give them a second a chance to retrieve their baggage at a small fee slightly above the auction price plus shipping fee. So far, has only 7 bags displayed and it seems to have run out of steam some time ago although I still think with adequate funding, angel investments, it could ease the heartbreak of lost baggage.

On her hobby the founder Luna Laboo says in an interview, "It’s a little odd but not as odd as stamp collecting. Just a little harder to find storage space."

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