Qatar Airways' corporate jet division, Qatar Executive, Ends 2011 on a High

Qatar Airways’ corporate jet division, Qatar Executive, has written another chapter in its success story following a year marked by fleet expansion, the introduction of its own dedicated maintenance hangar and a significant boost of its service portfolio.

In the two years since its inception, Qatar Executive has built a solid foundation for its future development, rapidly becoming a lucrative business backed by the global expertise and track record of its award-winning parent carrier, Qatar Airways.

In response to the growing demand for business jet services from the Middle East and around the world, the division has strengthened its market position through diversifying its service portfolio, now encompassing not just its core business of aircraft charters, but also aircraft management, maintenance and a full range of Fixed Based Operation (FBO) services.

Cabin Interior Of A Qatar Executive Global 5000

During the summer, Qatar Executive added three new Bombardier aircraft to its fleet, including the ultra-long haul Global Express XRS – one of the most luxurious business jets in the sky – a Global 5000 and a Challenger 605 making it the youngest fleet of business aircraft in the Gulf, with an average age of just one year.

Today, the provider of exclusive business or leisure flights operates a total of six wholly-owned Bombardier jets, a number set to increase in line with the expansion plans Qatar Executive has set in its pursuit of growth in key markets.

One of Qatar Executive's 6 Corporate Jets
Another significant boost to Qatar Executive’s operations was the opening of a dedicated 6,400 square metre hangar facility for maintenance operations at Doha International Airport. The new hangar serves Qatar Executive, as well as other carriers, and has been recognised by Bombardier as an Approved Service Facility in the Middle East.

Together with Doha International Airport’s ground handling agent QAS, Qatar Executive offers a full suite of services to visiting private and corporate jets including VIP meet and greet and executive ground handling services, fuel arrangements, parking, hangaring and aircraft cleaning.

Commenting on an exciting 2011, Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker said:“Even in the current economic conditions, Qatar Executive has shown a dynamic performance and significantly increased earnings compared to 12 months ago.

“Qatar Executive has received exceptional customer response throughout the year and hasdeveloped into a world-class corporate aviation company, integrated into Qatar Airways’ full-service strategy.

“Qatar Airways’ premium customer segment offers enormous potential for Qatar Executive, which the private jet division is continuously looking to capitalise on.”

Added Al Baker: “There is a natural synergy for Qatar Airways to transfer its First and Business Class passengers, who plan to connect from the commercial airline’s network to remote destinations, onto its private jet service. This is a market we are progressively tapping into, and distinguishes our service significantly from other operators.”

On the division’s further growth plans, Al Baker said: “Looking to the future, we will expand into existing markets like Russia and other high-demand European countries, as well as the rapidly emerging markets of Asia.”

Being part of a well-established full service global network airline of Qatar Airways, named Airline of the Year 2011 by the prominent industry audit Skytrax, Qatar Executive customers enjoy the highest standards of travel in terms of quality, exclusivity, comfort and confidentiality provided by highly trained and experienced crew.

The personalised service for passengers includes the convenience of booking an aircraft in as little as four hours before departure, access to premium airport lounges, and check-in 10 minutes prior to take off.

For further information and bookings, visit the Qatar Executive website

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