Qatar Airways Cabin Crew: Best Airline Uniform?

Best Dressed Airline
Qatar Airways has been voted as the best airline uniform in the industry by travelers, industry observers and in the fashion circles. According to an earlier blog, "Qatar Airways’ plum-coloured uniform must have hit the right note with customers, as it was voted ‘most stylish’ by Skyscanner users in a poll in September 2010. The deep-maroon uniform, a colour often associated with dignity, nobility, and power, also reflects the airline’s logo" Qatar Airways is very serious when it comes to its image and the look of its crew.  The airline is rumored to have a grooming officer who ensures the crew have the perfect look as seen below:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Qatar airways flight from Doha to Johannesburg, 13 August 2017 QR1359 was exceptionally pleasant , the flight was booked to capacity but the staff was the friendliest, easiest I've witnessed in all my travels. Special thanks to Lorella & Varun.

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