EgyptAir Training Centre's new Chief Eyeing African Airlines

With more than 30 years in the industry, Amzy has been a captain on B737, A300 and B767 for the national airline. His last position held was as manager of technical research at EgyptAir.

He said he aims to extend the training business to go further into Africa and cooperate with the African airlines to provide training expertise to the ones in need and utilise the strong relationship between Egypt "and its sister African countries."

Captain Hany Azmy has been appointed vice president for the EgyptAir Training Center and plans to see the organisation reach out to the burgeoning African airlines
Azmy also believes EgyptAir could offer  its training services to other highly growing markets such as India. The Cairo facility is fully equipped with the latest devices for cockpit crew with B777, B737Ng, A320, A340, A330 simulators while cabin crew training is  provided on the CEET and CST trainers.

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