FLY-LIBYA.COM :Libya's First Private Airline

Libyan aviation is quickly getting back on its wings. Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways will soon take delivery of 11 aircraft ordered by the two carriers in 2007 from Airbus. Libya's airline Afriqiyah Airways launched international flights yesterday to Tunis, Cairo and Istanbul; Libya's destroyed airliners are being refurbished under a contract with Lufthansa Technik and now the country has its first ever private airline, the LCC FLY-LIBYA.COM.

FLY-LIBYA is Libya’s first private airline and a low-cost carrier founded by Libyan businessmen following the victory of the NATO and NTC forces over the Gaddafi forces during the recently concluded Libyan conflict. Established in August 2011, and headquartered at Istanbul International airport, the airline is focused on providing exceptional service and low-cost travel to passengers. According to the airline on its website, was, "born out of the recent liberation of Libya, at the heart of the business is a desire to reunite families whose members have been displaced as a result of the devastating war. The airline also provides greater opportunity for people to visit the country, which we hope will, in turn, promote and accelerate Libya’s regeneration. "

The airline was granted permission to fly from Istanbul to Benghazi during the Libyan conflict when Libya was under the NATO no-fly zone and it has been conducting flights from September 16th  to date. The airline alsoi services Misurata and Tripoli. According to the airline's Mr. Ibrahim Ali in an earlier statement, "Major challenges have been overcome in establishing the airline. It hasn’t been easy, It was a real challenge to  get logistical support from NATO, the UN and the National Transitional Council of Libya. In addition, the compulsory war insurance adds an extra cost to our passengers, and we are currently waiving all profits in light of this to ensure we offer the lowest fares to our customers. We are optimistic about the business and we feel that we are doing the right thing for our people.”"

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