South African Airways woos Indian Travellers
JOHANNESBURG: Every second international traveller to South Africa is an Indian, and most of them fly out of Mumbai . Keen on cornering the largest slice of this passenger pie, South African Airways (SAA) has introduced its stateof-the-art Airbus A330-200 aircraft on the Mumbai-Johannesburg route.
"In 2010, Indians comprised 48.9% of people travelling to South Africa. That's why we earmarked the aircraft on the Mumbai route to ensure that they get the best that SAA has to offer," said Gcobani Mangcotywa , HOD, Asia and Australasia , SAA. In fact, the soccer world cup was a game-changer for the airline as it had to run an additional flight from Mumbai to cope with the surging tourist flow from the financial capital.

The new A330-200 , dubbed one of the best to service longhaul flights, has 36 business class seats, 12 more than the earlier A340-200 that used to fly on the route, and 186 economy class ones. The enhancements are in keeping with the high business class occupancy that SAA enjoys throughout the year, touching 75% during the peak season. "We've increased the bed width of the business class passengers, while the economy cabins have been made more spacious.. "
Denys Botes, general manager of SST Travel in Johannesburg , said, "Most of our Indian tourists come from Mumbai and its cousin Pune and 90% of them are elderly couples seeking to travel in five-star comfort," he said. "That's why we offer nothing but the best for Indians."

(The writer was in Johannesburg on an invitation from South African Airways ) 
Article Source IndianTimes
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