Aviation in Mauritius: Airports Remain Profitable

Information from this Indian Ocean island just received talks of substantial profits for the Airports of Mauritius corporation, in excess of over Rupees 770 million. This according to the source constitutes an increase of about 8.4 percent over the financial year 2009, leaving shareholders and management satisfied with the results.

Only recently was it learned that the government of Mauritius was considering allowing more flights by foreign airlines into the country to support tourism growth and match seats with beds, and added air traffic will of course then also reflect in the books of the airport company through greater fee income as a result of more aircraft movements.

The main shareholder, the Government of Mauritius,reportedly received a dividend of 160 million Rupees, or 10 percent of the overall revenue of 1.6 billion Rupees the airport made in 2010. The balance of the profits was retained in order to roll out and pay for an ambitious modernization programme for the international airport. Watch this space.

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