Santaco Airlines Livery

So the Taximen of South Africa are taking to the skies soon. Here's an entry that I have reblogged from Kyle Hwang, the prolific South African airline livery designer's blog Raydon Designs. Perhaps Santaco should give Kyle a call for some design ideas. Read On.

Taxi Airline
Over the weekend, South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) announced plans to introduce a low cost airline in September 2011. Having a reputation for reckless driving on the roads, jokes immediately flew out (no pun intended) and I set off for some liveries. The livery on their website looks like someone photoshopped a 737 photo from and the livery looks rather pathetic:

 My proposed livery adds a bit more colour (yellow, synomous with international taxi cabs) and a bit more swoosh, trying to get rid of their horrible taxi reputation. I can be nice sometimes:
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