Kenyan Aviation: Does Emirates Plan on Using the A380 on Its Nairobi Route?

"Kenya is our third biggest market in Africa after South Africa and Nigeria," was the statement made earlier in the week, when Emirates’ Nairobi office launched the airline’s premium product upgrades now in place in all of the flying giant aircraft. The A380 will first come to Africa in October, when it will feature on the daily flights from Dubai to Johannesburg, replacing smaller aircraft due to continuously strong and rising demand. Durban is also being launched as yet another Emirates destination in South Africa besides Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The Emirates A380: "The Plane that builds economies"
The Airbus A380 is equipped with a First Class cabin of 14 personal suites and most notably offers an inflight shower service, reportedly well received by passengers especially on very long-haul flights. An out-of-this-world First Class Lounge in Dubai and a range of other goodies for passengers in First, round up the image Emirates is promoting around the world.

Business Class passengers will also enjoy a new world of inflight comfort on the A380, as it is equipped with the arguably best flat-bed seats on the market, and catering in both F and C is rumored to compete with another "5-star" airline for top honors.

Yet, the ongoing renovations and expansion at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, and the recent problems with multiple power outages, are not conducive for an A380 operation just yet, although it is apparently planned to have a double-decker airbridge installed at one of the end gates of the terminal to facilitate docking of the giant airliner without problems.

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