Change Makes Change: Kenya Airways Launches Onboard Donation Platform

Kenya Airways, the Pride of Africa, recently launched an online donation platform, Change Makes Change, to help fund its Corporate Social Responsibiluty programs. The airline's CSR programs have in the past involved refurbishing schools, planting seedlings and various other social programs in the countries it operates in.

Should passengers be paying for an airlines' CSR programs? That's question for another day. According to the airline's CEO, Dr Titus Naikuni, the program has factored in customers wish on where those donations should be channeled to.

But many Kenyans have a pretty good idea where those donations should be channelled-to the North of the country where chilling images of starvation have been emerging in the last week. But which airline would 'traumatize' its passengers with images of starvation? That's why Kenya Airways CSR is targetted towards social programs like greening the planet and so forth. Many airlines, including KQ, will portray a glamorous picture of their home countries; so for most Kenya Airways passengers the image of Kenya that will be printed in their minds, atv least onboard, is that of an enchanted land of safari, adventure, a cool and emerging high tech city, the nightlife and many blissful things in life. For now, the images of starvation will be sweeped under the frilly doilies.
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