Cute: South African Airways Rebrands Planes for Nelson Mandela Day

South African Airways on Monday unveiled the first aircraft in its fleet to be branded with the Nelson Mandela Day logo, ahead of  Madiba's 93rd birthday.

South African Airways will brand 58 of its fleet with the logo both inside and outside of aircrafts to take the message across the entire globe to contribute to the legacy of Mandela.

Outside, the planes have a poster with a picture of Mandela's famous pose with his fist in the air written "18 July Nelson Mandela Day" in grey and orange. Inside the 280-seat aircraft, the head rest covers have the emblem on each seat.

Nelson Mandela is a brand with a global appeal and South Africans never waste valuable time in using the image/symbolism of their beloved grandfather for maximum marketing and branding efforts for the various initiatives in their country.

"By this initiative, this means SAA will expose its passengers about the Mandela Day message and hopefully they will spread the message to their families and friends," said Nelson Mandela Foundation chief Achmat Dangor.

 Every July 18, the public is asked to give 67 minutes of their time for volunteer work, one minute for each year Mandela devoted to the struggle for justice in South Africa.

Flight Africa Blog wishes Madiba a belated happy 93rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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