Nigeria's BusinessDay Newspaper looks at South African Airways' Decade of Operation in Nigeria

South African Airways has been operating flights to Nigeria for 13 years and Nigeria's leading Business Newspaper BusinessDay looks back at FlySAA's decade in Nigeria.
 Some quotes of note:
"The cheerfulness on the faces of the crowd at the airport comprising Nigerians from business, corporate and diplomatic circles, their friends and South African community in the country pointed out to the many business opportunities the flight connection will bring the two giants on the African continent. That singular flight has so far opened the African airspace, business opportunities, travel and tours, exchanges and networking not only between the two countries but also to the West African region and other South African countries"
Comment from Blogger: Since then the two countries have enjoyed cordial diplomatic and robust economic ties and there's a significant Nigerian Community living in South Africa. As business opportunities continue to increase between the two African giants, expect South African Airways to continue having the good load factors and continued profitable operations on the Nigerian route in the near future.

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