AirAsia Should Fly to Africa - Mahathir

Air Asia Africa Bound?
Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad has urged Asia largest low cost carrier AirAsia to make Africa its next destination as part of its expansion plans. The PM was speaking during a Malaysian-Africa Business Forum.

“It is the lack of air connectivity that has limited the ties between Malaysia and African nations from flourishing.
“Perhaps, if we can start (air connectivity) with the low-cost airlines, that will be the answer.
“Perhaps, we should persuade AirAsia to fly to Africa, which will bring us closer,” Mr Mahathir said

During a presentation at the same Forum by Ethiopian consultant Henok Assefa, it was stated that Nairobi and Addis Ababa would be the best locations for creating airline hubs. South Africa offers steep competition with a myriad of low cost carriers already operating in the country. Nairobi, would especially be attractive investment choice should Tony Fernandes turn his eyes towards Africa.

There had been talk in the last year that AirAsia was behind the long awaited startup OneJetOne Airlines but those rumours were dispelled by OneJetOne CEO Mr. Arjun Ruzaik in an earlier interview on this blog.

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