Ethiopian Airlines changes to B777 Lagos Route

Effective beginning of June this year has Ethiopian Airlines introduced the B777 on the route between Addis Ababa and Lagos / Nigeria. Cross Africa traffic has grown stronger that the global average growth in aviation and ET is one of only two airlines to have fully understood and exploited the need of Africa to connect within rather than, as was often the case in the past, Africans having to travel via a European gateway to get to the ‘other side of Africa’.

Ethiopian will be targeting both passengers and cargo, in particular to and from their Far Eastern and Middle Eastern destinations which it serves with swift connections out of their Addis Ababa hub, and the upped capacity and state of the art aircraft type will undoubtedly help them to capture more traffic. They will also in the process offer more serious competition to those non-African airlines making inroads across the continent due to a broader lack of understanding by countries granting almost unlimited traffic rights to them instead of promoting African aviation development, especially with airlines like Ethiopian foremost on their minds.
Happy landings to the new ‘baby’ now swooping into Lagos on a daily basis since early this week.

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