Kenya Airways as it Once was: East African Airways: Summer Timetable, 1974 , Adverts Plus more

I was digging into archives this week to learn more about the defunct East African Airways and a few photos can reveal a lot about a bygone era. Take a look at the first one below showing East African Airways' "Domestic Routes"
"At the height of its integration, the East African community's co-owned airline considered its routes within and between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda as its "domestic" network. Note that Uganda had hardly any service, and that northern Kenya was also very underserved." Writes the Timetablist blog.

East African's operations were concentrated between Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam, with a large web of services up and down the coast from Lamu and Mombasa, to Zanzibar and Dar, to Kilwa and Mtwara. From Dar, a sizable domestic operation on mainland Tanzania linked Arusha (Kilimanjaro) and Dodoma to Mwanza on Lake Victoria. 
Below:  East African Airways Timetable
"Within the pages of this brochure, issued for midyear 1974, are two maps showing the extent of East African Airways networks. On the left, a landless, geometric schematic shows East African's services in its home region, with five routes each out of Entebbe and Nairobi to London, Athens, Frankfurt, and Z├╝rich, with connections between them as well as onward service from Frankfurt and Rome to Copenhagen. Nairobi also had a small Asian circuit: Aden-Karachi-Bombay, whereas Dar Es Salaam's only trans-ocean operation was a Tananarive-Mauritius leg.

Cooperative services are shown to Lagos, Accra, Cairo, Tokyo and the Seychelles, with arrows pointing outwards from Blantyre, Mauritius, Seychelles, London and Copenhagen, presumably to other corners of the Globe." Courtesy the Timetablist
. As East Africa moves towards integration, it's hoped the present leaders can emulate the sense of community that existed in the region before it fell afoul to politics. If you have tales about old defunct airlines in Africa, feel free to drop as an email at contact[at]flight-africa[dot]com and we will publish your entries.

Images Courtesy of  Timetable Images. Special thanks!
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