Air Gabon in the 80s

A brochure from the early 80's introducing the former state airline Air Gabon, its history and its fleet. There is also a routemap, albeit very badly done and it is almost impossible to read. Its European network included Paris, Marseilles and Rome.

I always liked their litte cute green parrot they were using as logo and also the way the parrot was used as a marketing device,like here.

Air Gabon went bankrupt and ceased operations in 2006. There were plans to restart the airline (trading as Air Gabon International) with technical support from the Maroccan airline RAM, but this never happened. Cuerrently, Gabon Airlines is flying between Gabon and France.

This Air Gabon route map, dated from 1992, was taken from the Timetablist blog. It deals with the same topics we deal here and I strongly recommend the Timetablist if you are interested about African airlines:

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