Charter Service for Governments? Modest Growth in the VIP Charter Services

Swiss charter services provider Comlux sees a modestly growing charter  services of widebody passenger jets as more governments turn from owning aircraft in the face of increased scrutiny of their spending. While not all Presidents can afford to travel like the President of the United States, a good number still have habit of commandeering aircraft of national flag carriers or purchasing presidential jets, a waste that's no longer justifiable especially in the poorer countries.

Comlux is an important Airbus operator for the high end clientele. The company buys aircraft and refits the aircraft interior to suit chartering needs and its targeted clientele includes heads of state, royals families and high networth individuals.

According to Comlux President, "We see this as a niche market, which could probably expand as governments move away from being able to justify owning aircraft,"

"This is very much a type of aircraft for a certain market. When people ask how expensive it is to charter, I say it is cheaper than two [737-based] BBJs."

Comlux launched its Middle East operations in Bahrain two years ago with a VIP-configured Airbus A318 airliner on display.

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