Emissions Trading System: Europe Isolated

The EU has been further isolated from the world by last month’s ruling to include aviation in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) according to Airlines for America (A4A). “This further isolates the EU from the rest of the world and will keep in place a unilateral scheme that is counterproductive to concerted global action on aviation and climate change,” A4A said in an initial reaction.

A4A said the CJEU “did not fully address legal issues raised and has established a damaging and questionable precedent by ruling that the European Union can ignore the Chicago Convention and other longstanding international provisions that have enabled governments around the world to work cooperatively to make flying safer and more secure, and to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint.”
Hot Issue: The Emissions Trading System(ETS)
 A4A, together with two of its members—United Continental and American Airlines—initiated the legal challenge to the EU’s inclusion of aviation in its ETS in 2009 and said it will review its options to pursue in the English High Court.

IATA said it was disappointed at the CJEU’s ruling to uphold EU plans to include international aviation in its ETS from 2012 and noted the decision represents a “European legal interpretation of EU ETS.”
“The CJEU decision may reflect European confidence in European plans. But that confidence is by no means shared by the outside world where opposition is growing,” IATA’s DG and CEO Tony Tyler said.

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