Air Mauritius to Fly Non Stop to Shanghai

It was confirmed overnight from a source in Port Louis / Mauritius that national carrier Air Mauritius, come end March this year, will begin a nonstop service to Shanghai, cutting out the present stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

When the news of the inaugural flight were brought here, it was at the time already mentioned that the airline was actively exploring new and emerging markets, for both tourism and trade and the shift from an onward connection via Malaysia to a nonstop service will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the flight and attract added business.

Air Mauritius
The connection, presently once a week every Monday out of Mauritius, will also be of interest to the airline’s African continental destinations like Cape Town, Johannesburg or Nairobi, offering added options to reach China and tap into that fast emerging travel an
d trade market.

Unlike in neighbouring Seychelles, where the national airline was all but gutted and has today operated its last flight out of Europe, Mauritius has been fiercely protective of the national airline and restricted air access by other airlines on the principle of reciprocity or else limiting the number of flights, inspite of loud objections by hotel and resort operators who want more flights by more airlines to fill their beds. Time will tell who will prevail here, so watch this space.

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