First Korean Tourist Charter Flight Arrives in Kenya

The first Korean tourist charter flight operated by Korean Air arrived at te Jomo Kenyatta International Airport  last night carrying 120 tourists into the country; an estimated 190 Korean tourists are expected to arrive in the country next week in the next charter flight.

The inaugural charter flight is the culmination of marketing efforts of the Kenyan Tourism Board and the Kenyan Embassy in Korea. Kenyan Tourism authorities are busy creating new tourist markets in the Far East to reinforce traditional tourism markets in Europe and North America. This diversification program in tourism marketing has seen the country witness increased charter flights from new and emerging tourist markets.

The tourist board is currently marketing the country aggressively in Asia. The Kenyan tourist circuits has for decades been dominated by Western tourists but the Board is realizing new opportunities in Asian markets in the Far East. In Korea the board forged partnerships with Korean Travel Agency Kal Tour and Korean Air. The board also hosted 8 journalists from Korea in the various tourist destinations in Kenya and also took them on a tour with various Tour Operators.

More charter flights have been coming into the country in the last few months, a sign that Kenya is getting its groove back. In addition, airlines that had long ditched the Nairobi Route like Finnair, Gulf Air and Alitalia and reintroducing scheduled flights or chartered flights into the country.

Kenya  has been receiving 6000 visitors from Korea since 2006 but the Kenyan Tourist Board is planning to double this through its marketing programs in Korea.

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