Ghana International Airlines "Still an Entity"

Ghana international airlines is still afloat despite circulating reports that the airline had folded its operations on Friday and called it a day!According to sources,the Ghana international Airlines staff were asked to go home for their own safety after angry passengers,some having been stranded for upto a week,started throwing stones at the airlines staff!

Ghana International Airlines is a victim of the Icelandic Volcanic eruption.The ashes of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano settled and in its wake lay a backlog of thousands of passengers that the airline has been unable to handle.Massive cancellations and chaos reigned at Ghana International Airlines and passengers who had booked tickets with the airline are deeply frustrated.

The situation is aggravated by the complete silence from the GIA Corporate Communications Department.There is no official communication from airline officials reassuring passengers or offering alternative means of travel.Is this incompetence or what?The website is down and passengers have nowhere to turn to.Some internet sources are reporting that the airline has folded up its operations including a major Kenyan daily.Some passengers have opted for other airlines and are asking for refunds.

 The airline offers the cheapest rates for passengers flying to UK(London Gatwick) and Germany(Dusseldorf) and should it go under,passengers must brace themselves for highers fares on KLM and Air France or Air Brussels. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will be the only remaining direct flights to Ghana.

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi , thanks for that info. I was to get as flight on june 1st 2010 and my flight was cancelled. I still have not received refund or any correspondence from Ghana International airlines. What should I do? Thanks, Caroline

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