Second A380 in Africa: Lufthansa to use A380 to Johannesburg

South African aviation has more reason to celebrate this year as the second Airbus A380 operated by Lufthansa prepares to touch down at Johannesburg later this year.In February this year,Air France A380 wrote aviation history as the largest passenger aircraft in the world to land on African soil.

The great news leaked to South African trade and tourism officials by the Lufthansa office in South Africa and the flights will commence with soon-to-arrive fleet of A380s to Johannesburg on an initial three-times-a-week basis, when the four expected giant aircraft due for delivery have been received by Germany’s flag carrier.

A growing volume of cargo and passenger traffic to and from South Africa has prompted Lufthansa to choose JNB as their first – and for the time being surely ONLY – African A380 destination, after recently announcing the deployment of the new aircraft also to Tokyo and Beijing.Operations are set to begin from 25th October this year on the Frankfurt-Johannesburg route.
More than 76 million passengers fly with Lufthansa each year.
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  1. Linden Birns Says:

    A380. But illustrated with a 747-8. Huh???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And they plan to operate their Boeing 747-400's on German internal flights. Is this economically viable? 747's have to stay in the air for thousands of miles & at 37'000 feet to make money.

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