Hotel On the Plane:The Jumbo Hostel in Stockolm

 Now this could be a great way for those African Airlines that were blacklisted by the EU to make some good cash in these tough times.How about offering "passengers" first class service or a night in the plane but on the ground and in comfort?

The Jumbo Hostel  is the first ever hotel on a real Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet. It has been completely refurbished and adapted for its new purpose, with 25 rooms, including a luxury suite in the cockpit where there is even a bathroom with private shower and a panoramic view.

Its name is Liv, and it has a rather special site: the Boeing is at the entrance to Arlanda airport in Stockholm, in Sweden.It’s therefore perfect, not only for those who love flying and can have a coffee with a view of the runway through the windows, but also for those who are soon to be in the air. There are all the amenities that passengers need, from wireless Internet to restaurant service.

Price per day runs from 350 Swedish krona, or around US$ 50 per person. And anyone who wants to book a meeting can have a lounge for 8 guests, with seating from the first class lounge of 1976.

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