African Aviation not represented in Green Business Africa Summit

Green Business Africa summit and Expo
A green business summit commences in Nairobi from June 2 together with the Nairobi Green Week and there is a notable absence-African aviation!None of the African airlines and airports will be represented in this summit that will be Africa’s first flagship event to bring to the mainstream issues around sustainability in the business environment as well as green corporate social responsibility (CSR).One of the issues that will be discussed during this summit will be Sustainability Reporting,something African airlines should be hugely interested in.
                                        Green Business Africa Summit and Expo 2010

The Nairobi Green Week
The Nairobi Green week,a first for Kenya’s capital city and east Africa’s trade and business hub, will be a series of activities and events running during the week of the Green Business Africa Summit & Expo 2010
providing businesses local government and the private sector a great chance to showcase and communicate their green  ideas and initiatives.

This could have been a wonderful forum for African aviation to showcase its green initiatives and strategic plans in a bold way;Ethiopian Airlines for example launched an ambitious tree planting program in 2008 and other African airlines have some smaller green initiatives.Airlines could also have discussed their plans for meeting IATA's ambitious green goal!We all remember that IATA was quite hostile to COP15 but the association has nevertheless drawn up ambitious four pillar strategy that it expects to achieve in less then 5 decades from now.IATA's vision is achieving carbon neutral growth in the medium term and to build a plane that produces no emissions within 50 years!

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