Kenya Airways adds frills for business class travelers

It is now three pieces of baggage, weighing 23 KG each, which Kenya Airways allows their business class travelers to take with them when checking in for flights from East Africa for onward flights into their European network, moving to the same standard already in place with some other carriers, some of which also added perks to their faithful flyers in order to retain their top revenue bracket.

A number of airlines flying to Entebbe already grant larger allowances in terms of overall weight, while again others restrict the weight per piece to their standard 23 kilograms and then rather add an extra checked suitcase.
The use of customer loyalty schemes – Kenya Airways some months ago added a co-branded credit card for their faithful passengers, which earns them extra points – is also increasingly playing an important role as the "earn and burn" opportunities continue to grow and frequent fliers often manage to accumulate enough credits within a few months to enjoy a free weekend at the Kenya coast, for instance, with their families.

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