African Airlines Must Go Green

If Something is Inevitable Embrace it!
"Europe will fail"!That was Giovanni Bisignani's response to the European Union's Unilateral approach towards combating climate change through its Emissions trading system that will take effect from 2012!Will it?

Most African airlines flying to Europe will fall under the scope of this directive including Kenya Airways,Ethiopian Airlines,South African Airways and Egypt Air!While the major African Airlines have the capacity to comply with Europe's green taxes,most of which will fund government programs not related to combating climate change or aviation;some African airlines will face difficulties.

Kenya Airways has already complied with Europe's ETS after having submitted a Carbon Emissions Management and Monitoring Plans that will enable the carrier measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprints but IATA prefers global approach rather than a unilateral approach!The rationale being that other regional blocks are likely to come up with a patch work of green taxes across the globe thus complicating the business environment even further!iATA prefers a multilateral approach though ICAO.
IATA's Green Plane

According to the IPCC,aviation contributes 2% of the global carbon emissions,"a small part of the bigger problem" as IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani states but this has not prevented the airline body from dreaming big as always!Being a small part of a serious problem,there is still a serious challenge to do even better,states IATA strategy document on combating climate change!IATA has an ambitious vision of achieving carbon neutral growth in the medium term and to build a plane that produces no emissions within 50 years.IATA's Green plane!
IATA's four pillar strategy for the future includes:
  • Investing in Technology:
  • Improving Operational Efficiency
  • Building and Using Efficient Infrastructure
  • Positive Economic Instruments to Provide Incentives 
 Homegrown Solutions
While most smaller African airlines are unlikely to meet IATA's ambitious targets,some legacy carriers have devised innovative plans to make the continent greener.Africa suffers most from climate change and African firms should be at the forefront of making the continent greener through green innovations and conservaton schemes!Some African airlines have taken environmental conservation quite seriously;at the forefront is Ethiopian Airlines which in 2008 launched an ambitious tree planting program,FLYING GREENER, which has seen it plant close to 8 million trees so far!

South African Airways is striving to reduce its carbon footprints via IATA's four pillar strategy by operating a younger fleet and fleet modernization.South African domestic budget carrier Kulula has adopted some symbolic approches that includes passengers making a small donation when they book a ticket through its green program.

African airlines must take bold steps in environmental conservation and combating climate change not just as a form of corporate responsibility but because it makes business sense!Fuel efficient fleet will lower fuel costs and in the future,with schemes like ETS it will reduce your taxes too!
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