5 Top Attractions for an Exciting Durban Holiday

If you are after an enchanting and memorable respite in South Africa, then a Durban holiday definitely offers the sights and sounds that go with your mood. This multicultural Kwa Zulu Natal city combines its mix of cultures with awesome attractions that leaves many travelers looking for more. Some of the best attractions include various water slides, botanical gardens, open air markets and some of the best places to dine and wine in KZN. If you are looking for the perfect Durban holiday experience, the following five attractions will definitely give you the fun and exotic side to the city.

Ushaka Marine World
Built in a shipwreck theme and kitted with such amenities as a giant aquarium, an expansive dining complex and a water park, the Ushaka Marine World is a definite must see on a Durban holiday and frequently tops every visitor’s list of priorities. The park has dark alleyways where visitors can walk through and see the massive sharks. The park also has contains lots of cute dolphins. The dolphin shows are a definite must see.

Durban Botanical Gardens
The Durban Botanical Gardens are considered the oldest in Africa and offer a relaxing atmosphere rich in fauna. They are perfect for educational tours, giving you an opportunity to explore and learn about the various plants and herbs from Africa and the rest of the world during your Durban holiday. If you are looking for pure relaxation, the tea garden inside these botanical gardens provides an impressive atmosphere to unwind and marvel, while surrounded by a rich biodiversity.

Umhlanga Rocks
Located on the Kwa Zulu Natal coast, Umhlanga Rocks is a fully kitted and quiet coastal village where you can have a quiet Durban holiday away from the hustle bustle of the city. This upmarket village has several amenities for the holiday makers including holiday flats, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, a skate park and other amenities that will make your holiday just worth it. Apart from the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, you might also enjoy attractions like watching the sea from the pier or the Umhlanga Lighthouse, an impressive monument built to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. The village is located just 15km from Durban and is thus quite accessible.

Natal Shark Board
If you thought that only Cape Town offers a great shark spectacle with its famous sharks and seals, then think again. The Natal Shark Board was created to protect the public from shark attacks while also teaching them the value of conservation of the marine ecosystem. Guided educational tours and shows are available during your Durban holiday where you can learn more about the “sea monster”, the Great White Shark amongst other shark species. If you are lucky, you can witness the impressive spectacle of a shark being dissected. Lots of smaller sharks can also be seen here during educational tours.

The Victoria Street Market
The Victoria Street Market is one of the historic landmarks of Durban and an important part of the city’s cultural history. Established in 1910 by indentured laborers from India, the century old market gives you a glimpse into the city’s Indian flavor with assorted merchandise ranging from Indian spices to jewelry. This is the perfect place to interact with the local population or pick a souvenir during your Durban holiday.

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