Booking Cheap Flights to Nigeria: Options Available

Nigeria is a major African business and trade hub with billions of dollars invested in the nation’s oil, banking and telecommunications sector. Most travelers fly to Nigeria mainly for business although other sectors have seen some growth in the recent years. However the aviation sector has seen some problems and the country’s national airline Nigeria Airways collapsed a few years back. While some private carriers like Arik have emerged and are quickly building route networks, your flight to Nigeria is most likely to involve flying international carriers like Ethiopian Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa , Kenya  Airways, South African Airways amongst other international airlines.  Cheap flights within Nigeria can be booked with local travel agencies but it is important to make multiple calls in order to arrive at the best deals. When looking for cheap flights to Nigeria, the following factors ought to be considered to ensure you get the best deals on your flights.

Look for direct flights to your destination city
Whether you are flying to Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcout or Kano, it is possible to find direct flights to some of these cities which allow for ease of travel instead of connecting domestic flights to your destination. Nigeria is not particularly a huge country in terms of size but travelling by road might not necessarily fit your schedule.

Bargain hunting
It is important to evaluate fares offers from the various airlines. It is likely that many of your flights might involve stopovers in third countries. For intra African travel, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines will offer you the best option though they might not necessarily be cheap. Travel to Asia is great with Emirates and Qatar Airways which normally have stopovers in Dubai and Doha respectively. There also exist lots of options for your travel in Europe including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Arik Air amongst other carriers.

Book Early
Plan your itinerary and book your flight early on to enjoy the best fare offers. Booking your flight 21, 14 or even 7 days in advance will allow you to make some healthy savings when booking cheap flights to Nigeria.

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  1. Justin leon Says:

    There are many airlines which are offering the high standard services even at low and cheap rates. One should be wiser enough to make full use of these flights and they should buy the tickets when there is fall of demand for tickets.
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  2. I would love to visit Nigeria, or South Africa for that matter. It would be a different adventure unlike the usual European tour, or going to a beach. It would be a totally new experience. I'm wondering though, is there a cheap flight to Manila from South Africa?

  3. Blogger Says:

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