6 Ways to enjoy an Extreme Adventure in South Africa

South Africa is relatively large country with over 3000km of coastline and thousands of inland natural features that will be a match for every thrill seekers’ wildest fantasies. Whether you are looking for a date with the sharks or overland tours in some of Africa’s most famous national parks and mountain ranges, there is so much on offer for an adventure seeker in South Africa that you cannot sample it all at a go. Planning is critical to getting the best of what South Africa has to offer. The various outdoors activities offered include water skiing, mountain climbing, nature walking, overland tours, mountain biking, kayaking, Bungee jumping plus hundreds more to experience. If you are looking for the adventure in South Africa, any of the following activities will definitely give you a good head start with experiences that range from the thrilling to dead scary:

An appointment with the Great White through shark cage diving
If you would like to test the patience of the ruthless Great White Shark or the other vicious relatives in the family that populate the Cape, then shark cage diving is definitely for you. You will SCUBA dive into the shark infested waters of the Atlantic, of course in a cage, and get the hair raising and adrenaline rush of coming face to face with these monsters of the seas. The beauty of this is that you do not need any diving experience to enjoy this adventure of lifetime. Shark cage diving is a popular adventure in South Africa for many thrill seekers.
Shark cage diving

Go Crocodile Diving in Oudtshoorn
Confront fear itself by diving into the crocodile infested waters in Oudtshoorn, Karoo. Crocodile diving, like Shark diving is another scary adventure in South Africa that is likely to test your nerves to the limits. Of course you will do this from the safety of your cage.

Crocodile Cage diving
Go Bungee Jumping
Once you are finished meeting with crocodiles in Oudtshoorn, how about scaring the life out of your body again by engaging in bungee jumping just a few minutes away? The Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa offers the world’s highest bungee jump with a height of 216m. If you are looking for a hair raising adventure in South Africa that will truly put your mind and daredevilry to test, then this is something that you should try.
Bungee Jumping in South Africa

Abseiling in the Table Mountains
Abseiling is simply descent down a steep incline using a rope as often done by rock climbers, and Table Mountain in South Africa provides the perfect setting for another a hair raising experience. Whether you are a professional in abseiling or a novice looking for an adventure in South Africa, this experience provides a real adrenaline rush. Novices will get help from professionals in their abseiling.

An appointment with the “Big Five”
The Kruger National Park is where your dreams and nightmares come true as you come up close with some of nature’s most majestic animals.  Kruger is one of the world’s best preserved parks and you can watch the nature’s killing machines at work hunting and eating their prey. It also has a great bird watching opportunity. If you are looking for a real wild adventure in South Africa, the Kruger experience is the stuff National Geographic is made of.

Several hiking expeditions are available in various locations of South Africa including on mountains, the various hiking trails and nature trails. Whether you are interested in forests, mountain ranges or river gorges, the rich natural features means you are in a hiker’s paradise if you are looking for an adventure in South Africa.

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