Finding the Cheapest Flights to South Africa

Cheap flights always add value to your destination allowing you to lock in the savings and spend the extra savings on a richer travel experience. The first thing that we are likely to put into consideration after deciding on our travel destination is whether we can afford flights to those destinations. South Africa is one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa thanks to its varied attractions and securing cheap travel to this African paradise can be difficult if you are not familiar with the intricacies of online travel.

The era of travel agencies is definitely coming to an end although a good number still offer a time tested quality service with a deep understanding of the travel markets and the details of airline travel. The majority flights are now booked online with online travel agencies(OTAs). But like the travel agencies of the years gone by, online travel booking may not necessarily offer you certainty of fares due to many factors that regulate the airline fares. If you are looking for cheapest flights to South Africa, this can be a problem with many airlines now serving the major cities in the country. The fare offer on Emirates, Qatar Airways, South African Airways or Air France may not necessarily be the cheapest. What we hate most is leaving a deal on the table. For example paying $1000 for your flight if you could have paid $750 for the same flight in the same cabin on the same date is definitely not funny! So how do you ensure that you score the cheapest flights to South Africa and make adequate savings to enjoy the rest of the attractions of the Rainbow Nation?

Book Early
Unknown to many, this is the easiest way to secure the cheapest flights to virtually anywhere. Airlines usually update their fares after every few weeks but booking your flight one month, two months or three months before your flight will score you dirt cheap fares.  As the travel date approaches, the fares normally rise very fast and the last minute fare offers are usually the most expensive. Booking early for the low fares however come with price and you might not have a few privileges.

Book very late just before your departure date
This might sound contradictory but the fares are normally most expensive in between: between early and late. Very late is a game of chance but allows you to score last minute cheap flight deals and pay low fares. The disadvantage with last minute flights is that a lot of factors are not in your control for example you must travel at the scheduled time and date, you may not be lucky enough to secure multiple tickets if you are travelling with a companion or family amongst other inconveniences.

Contact your travel agency
Instead of going it alone to secure the lowest air fares to South Africa, you can get in touch with your travel agent to help you secure the best deals. The business of a travel agent is travel and they will offer you not just the lowest fares but a couple of fare recommendations and travel times from various airlines to suit your schedule. Visit for inquiries on the cheapest flights to South Africa.
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