A Documentary on how aviation helps provide medical services in West Africa

Rex Pemberton's forthcoming documentary 'The Calling' (screenshot above) features Medicine on the Move, a non-profit organisation based in Ghana that uses aviation as a vehicle to provide medical assistance in Ghana and soon, it hopes, in neighboring countries. In that regards it is much like a royal flying doctors service, but Medicine on the Move goes further.
It also aims to teach rural communities about health care, such as by flying in or dropping medical supplies and information.

Although started by Westerners, Medicine on the Move is working towards creating a local aviation industry in Ghana. It has partnered with WAASPS and Aviation Technology Academy to train Ghanaians, and females in particular, how to fly aircraft and perform maintenance.

One young female undergoing flight training says, "I want to fly the plane so that one day I can go to villages and tell them how to use medicine."

It is that sentiment that manifests Medicine on the Move's statement that with aviation they can "change the future of an entire generation".

The trailer is below.

Article Source:Flight Global

More Info:The Calling' is a documentary film about Medicine On The Move and the story behind how they use aviation to change lives in West Africa.The challenge faced in West Africa of the inability to access even basic modern health care affects millions in West Africa. Often critically ill or injured patients receive no medical assistance and frequently succumb to illness that can be easily treated.

Medicine on the Move transports health care educators specializing in general healthcare, basic first aid, hygiene and disease prevention to communities previously beyond the reach of ground based aid agencies
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