2011 SkyTrax World Airlines Awards to take place at the Paris Airshow in June

This years SkyTrax World Airlines Awards will take place during the Paris Airshow on 22nd June.Last year's event was dominated by Middle Eastern Airlines and Asiana Airlines scooped the Best Airline Award.

This year,the survey will be more qualitative and passengers will have to rely on their own gut knowledge of the airline in rating and voting for the best airlines in the World;there are few multiple choices or guiding questions;at least,in theory, the voter in this survey must have traveled with the airline they are voting for or have a good knowledge of the airline from talks with friends who have traveled in that airline.Typical questions in the survey include:
  • Please give your reason(s) for nominating this airline as the world's Best Airline?
This I think is more qualitative and gives an accurate assessment of airline services from first hand experience rather than a simple multiple choice quizz where airlines' social media whizz would just mobilize their followers on Twitter to vote,irrespective of whether they have fly with you or not.The survey also involves:
  Business Research Group / Travel Panel
  Corporate Travel Questionnaire
  Telephone Interviews
  Selected Telephone Passenger Interviews
As always,the Flight Africa blog team will be focusing on African Airlines.Which African airline will scoop the big prize this year?Last year,South African Airways was voted the best airline in Africa, followed by Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius.Which airline are you betting on to scoop this year's award?

Vote for your favorite airline here SKYTRAX World's Best Airline Survey

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