Kenya Airways is Going Green,Launches Carbon Offset Program

Kenya Airways is going green,finally.The airline has launched its Carbon Offset Program that offers customers the opportunity to offset the Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions related to their flights in cooperation with International Air Transport Association-IATA.

According to a PR by the airline, "The inbuilt IATA Carbon calculator gives the distances of the flight in question and associates the level of emissions created by that flight per person then indicates the financial contribution that will be devoted to environmental sustainability projects; this contribution is VOLUNTARY. Kenya Airways collects this money on behalf of IATA and then surrenders it to be invested in projects that IATA has identified. IATA only invests in UN-Approved Certified Emissions Reductions-CER projects and voluntary credits. Kenya Airways will support projects within developing countries in line with the UN’s Cleaner Development Mechanisms-CDM."

The IATA-administered industry-wide scheme is a ready-made tool enabling airlines to offer their passengers the ability to compensate for their carbon emissions with contributions towards carbon reduction projects in developing countries.

 Passengerrs booking a ticket via Kenya Airways website can voluntarily contribute a small amount to offset their carbon footprints before they take their flight.The aviation industry contributes 2% of global towards global carbon emissions and has been under pressure to do its part to offset its carbon footprints.IATA developed a four pillar long term strategy that aims at "reducing emissions,not charging for them" but that has not prevented blocs like the EU from adding aviation to its Emissions Trading System.

IATA launched its Global carbon Offset program in 2009 with Portuguese carrier TAP as the launch airline.Other airlines have launched some brilliant carbon offset initiatives with Ethiopian Airlines longer term environmental campaign FLY GREENER a great example.Over 30 airlines run offset programs with different methodologies for calculating emissions and different criteria for offset projects.

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