Flight Global launches a cool new aircraft tracking service, Atlas

Flight Global has launched a beta version of a a real-time aircraft tracking system called Atlas that allows you to track thousands of aircraft in near real-time(there is a 5 minute delay);you can view origins,destinations and altitude displayed in real-time,aircraft registration,type,model and flight number;centre map on any international airport,aircraft trails,active SBS boxes and airport locations. 

The real-time aircraft tracking service overlays aircraft/airline flight data onto Google Maps to provided a flight tracking service. You will need Adoble Flash player version 10.1 to use Atlas which means I am still  unable to fully experience this wonderful platform.

Flight Global plans to extend global coverage with the service once they've approved the beta version of Atlas.People with SBS boxes will be invited to join the Atlas members network and  as new SBS boxes come online, then the coverage will grow rapidly. Southern Africa,East Africa and West Coast of Africa is covered but as expected,the rest of Africa is still a white spot!
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