Libyan Airlines Launches Mobile OnAir

GSM/GPRS service over  Inmarsat SwitchBroadBand satellite service on Libyan's new Airbus A320 fleet

Just three months after EgyptAir launched on-board mobile and internet services, Libyan Airlines has began offering its passengers OnAir's mobile connectivity services based on Inmarsat SwitchBoard.The service is currently available on Libyan's fleet of single-aisle Airbus A320 aircraft flying international routes between Libya,Europe,Middle East and north America.

Libyan Airlines' customers can now stay connected using their own GSM mobile phones or smartphones.As soon as the aircraft reaches an altitude an altitude of 10,000 feet, passengers can make and receive voice calls,send text and multimedia messages or emails and access the internet through GPRS.

Mr. Emhemed Abrebish ,member of Board Directors and CEO Libyan Airlines said,"Providing this service is part of our ongoing drive to differentiate what we offer and to constantly improve levels of service for our customers.As we renew our fleet of aircraft,Libyan Airlines passengers will be able to stay in touch with family,friends and colleagues while they travel.Since the launch of our connectivity program last month,we have already experienced a very good pick up of the GSM service,particularly the voice element.With the fast growth of Smartphones in Libya,we should expect even more use of service in the next few months."

"Today's launch comes as demand for inflight passenger communications is rising rapidly.I am convinced that onboard mobile communications will be a must-have for most airlines within the next three years," said Ian Dawkins,CEO of OnAir.
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