South African Airways becomes Hahn Air's new IET partner

Hahn Air has activated Interline e-Ticketing (IET) with South African Airways (SAA). A total of 231 airlines can now be issued on HR-169 e-documents.

Hahn Air has implemented a new IET agreement with South African Airways, one of the leading airlines of Africa. The flag carrier of South Africa and member of Star Allliance completes the portfolio of African partner airlines within Hahn Air's e-ticketing platform.

 As a result, with the recent finalisation of the new IET agreement, Hahn Air offers a total of 231 airlines for ticketing on insolvency-insured HR-169 e-documents to travel agents around the globe.

More Info:Operating the industry's leading universal ET-Platform, Hahn Air's mission is to connect 100,000 travel agencies worldwide through every GDS or the Internet, with all technically capable airlines of the world. The goal is to provide seamless access to passenger data at all boarding points, across all continents.
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