LAM Mozambique Airlines Increases Services to Nairobi and Angola

LAM - Mozambique Airlines now offers one more weekly flight to Nairobi,increasing its flights to Nairobi from two to three a week .The flights began on Monday, November 1, 2010. According to the airline,the new offer is one of the novelties of the new schedule already in place.
The new weekly flight to Nairobi leaves Maputo shortly after midnight on Mondays, and flies directly to the Kenyan capital. The two other flights, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, both stop at the northern Mozambican city of Pemba.

The new direct flight to Nairobi will increase travel options for passengers flying with LAM  to one of the most preferred destinations in Africa,with several advantages for business travelers to China, India, Dubai and West African countries.
A LAM Flight Attendant
Nairobi is one of the most popular destinations for passengers of LAM, and the airline considers the Maputo-Nairobi service a sustainable one,serving both tourists and businesspeople.
The operations of this third frequency of flights between Maputo - Nairobi - Maputo are completely made from  the new International Airport Mavalane, Maputo, where LAM successfully debuted on 28 October 2010 .LAM  also increased its frequency to Luanda,Angola. 

The flights to Nairobi are an alternative to Johannesburg for passengers whose final destination is in Europe or the Middle East. The Maputo-Luanda route has become popular among well-off Angolans, who regard Maputo as a friendly, and relatively cheap tourist destination.
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