Togolese start-up ASKY is born - Rediscover the Sky

The long awaited a dream to create a regional  multinational airline in West Africa has finally come to fruition.ASKY, a newly-formed community airline based in Lome, Togo, launched its Maiden flight on January 15, 2010 from Lome to Abidjan and Banjul.

ASKY airlines was formed on November 29, 2007 following the financial collapse of the then multinational carrier  Air Afrique on February 08, 2002 .In June 2008 ,an MOU was signed with Ethiopian Airlines where ET took the commitment to give assistance for the start up and development of the airline and to take an important stake in ASKY's capital.
                                                           ASKY Airlines Logo

The airline is owned by  Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development,the Ecobank Group and Ethiopian Airlines,the West African Bank,Mr.Gervais Djondo(Chairman) and Mr. Mseleku.

ASKY Airlines fleet

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